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          Lohmann & Rauscher

          Curaplast Sensitive, Round

          Soft,closely-conforming plaster for sensible skin

          Curaplast Sensitive, Round
          Order number: 116185
          Package: 100 piece(s)

          Selection: 2.3 diameter cm, skin color

          €9.46 * gross
          (€0.09 * / 1 piece(s))
          €7.95 * net
          (€0.08 * / 1 piece(s))

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          Curaplast Sensitive, Round from Lohmann & Rauscher

          Soft, close-fitting, adhesive non-woven fiber fleece plaster for sensitive skin; it's the quick bandage for clinic, office as well as minor injuries at home or on the road.

          The slightly elastic non-woven material fits body contours easily and fixes the wound cushion securely on the skin.

          A micro-perforated barrier film prevents sticking to the wound area, with positive effect for the healing process from the resulting gentle, painless bandage changes.

          in various sizes, skin colored non-woven, 100% polyester with interleaved wound pad, skin-friendly colophonium- and colophonium derivatives-free polyacrylate adhesive.

          Service Offer: Consulting Stuff

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          - 6 Jul 2017