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          Fixing plaster made of polyethylene film with polyacrylate adhesive

          Order number: 175620
          Package: 120 m

          Selection: 1.25 cm x 5.0 m., transparent

          €59.44 * gross
          (€0.50 * / 1 m)
          €49.95 * net
          (€0.42 * / 1 m)

          Item in stock

          You will receive your goods between the 24.06.2021 and 28.06.2021

          Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there may be occasional delays in delivery.

          Leukofix from BSN

          Whenever possible, roll plasters should be selected based on skin type and intended use. Leukoplast is recommended whenever a fixing has to adhere espcially securely.

          Leukoplast is a water-repellent, skin-colored fixing plaster for normally sensitive skin. It has excellent tensile strength, sticks immediately and has lasting adhesive power. Even when put under stress, Leukoplast will stick securely; it is breathable and lets water vapor escape.

          Leukoplast Hospital is white and can be torn by hand.

          Leukoplast consists of a carrier with its water-repellent surface made of viscose topped by a layer of zinc oxide-rubber-resin.

          • with polyacrylate adhesive
          • breathable, with strong adhesive properties
          • can be torn by hand and written on
          • non-reactive to rays (heat, light, etc.)
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          - 28 Jun 2017