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          Fixing plaster made of polyethylene film with polyacrylate adhesive

          Order number: 175620
          Package: 120 m

          Selection: 1.25 cm x 5.0 m., transparent

          €59.44 * gross
          (€0.50 * / 1 m)
          €49.95 * net
          (€0.42 * / 1 m)

          Item in stock

          You will receive your goods between the 30.10.2021 and 04.11.2021

          Leukofix from BSN

          Whenever possible, roll plasters should be selected based on skin type and intended use. Leukoplast is recommended whenever a fixing has to adhere espcially securely.

          Leukoplast is a water-repellent, skin-colored fixing plaster for normally sensitive skin. It has excellent tensile strength, sticks immediately and has lasting adhesive power. Even when put under stress, Leukoplast will stick securely; it is breathable and lets water vapor escape.

          Leukoplast Hospital is white and can be torn by hand.

          Leukoplast consists of a carrier with its water-repellent surface made of viscose topped by a layer of zinc oxide-rubber-resin.

          • with polyacrylate adhesive
          • breathable, with strong adhesive properties
          • can be torn by hand and written on
          • non-reactive to rays (heat, light, etc.)
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          - 28 Jun 2017