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          Absorbent hydrocolloid dressing

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          Hydrocoll from HARTMANN

          Hydrocoll is a self-adhesive, absorptive hydrocolloid bandage laminated to a semi-permeable yet germ- and waterproof polyurethane film. As the hydrocolloid particles soak up the wound secretions they swell and change into a gel that expands in the wound and keeps it moist. The gel keeps on absorbing until the hydrocolloids are saturated.


          • for wet treatment of wounds
          • friendly to the skin
          • high comfort for the wearer, thanks to new, highly-flexible material
          • flattened edges ensure perfect seating and prevents premature loosening
          • simply positioning on the wound through lightly transparent hydrocoll
          • almost no gel residues in the wound, thanks to the sturdy hydrocolloid matrix


          By using especially hydroactive colloids Hydrocoll has good absorptive capacity. Excess germ-laden secretions are rapidly taken up into the gel structure via the swelling process and safely sequestered. In the granulation phase, the moist wound environment below Hydrocoll stimulates the fibroblast activity, critical for tissue formation.

          At the same time, the moist wound environment can be sustained without problem over longer treatment time spans without risking a secretion build-up, safely keeping the granulation from drying-out.

          In der epithelialization phase, Hydrocoll, thanks to its wet wound environment, supports epithelial cell division and migration. In the absence of complications, Hydrocoll can remain on the wound for several days until teh epithelialization phase is finished.

          Thanks to its gel layer, Hydrocoll does not stick to wounds. Dressing changes do not interfere with the growing tissues.

          Hydrocoll has high, immediate adhesion properties, is highly flexible and therefore hugs contours and is easy to form on them. The flattened edges help with this, even in problematic zones.

          The germ- and waterproof covering layer acts as a dependable germ barrier and protects the wound from dirt and moisture. Ambulatory patients can shower while wearing the bandage.

          Properties: sterile
          Service Offer: Consulting Stuff

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