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          Lohmann & Rauscher Varicex S

          Zinc paste bandage, stretches lengthwise and laterally

          Varicex S
          SKU: 153073
          Package: 100 m

          Selection: 10 cm x 5 m, white, 20 pieces

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          Varicex S from Lohmann & Rauscher

          Bandages of various weaves impregnated with zinc paste, ready to use, time-saving application of semi-rigid, long duration bandaging for thrombophlebitis, oedemas, chronic venous insufficiency, lower leg ulcers in healing phase as well as after-care and for fractures.

          Whether wrapped with elastic bandages in circular fashion or with half-eight turns, - Varicex zinc paste bandages will seep little.

          • ready to use
          • packed in individual aluminum pouches
          Service options: Medical supplies