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          Dr. No Major compression bandage


          Major compression bandage
          SKU: 115212
          Package: 50 m

          Selection: 6 cm x 5 m

          €83.18 inc. VAT*
          (€1.66 / 1 m)
          €69.90 ex. VAT*
          (€1.39 / 1 m)

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          Delivery 8 to 11 days

          The delivery will take place between the 04.06.2024 and 07.06.2024

          Major compression bandage

          Dur compression bandage is used as an aid for compression therapy in varicose veins, venous weakness or disorders of lymphatic vessels. The aim of the bandage is to stimulate blood circulation through the effect of compression. These short-stretch bandages allow high working and low resting pressure.

          • Elastic bandages
          • approx. 40 % stretchable
          • durable, washable, long-lasting
          • very skin friendly
          • Length: 5 m

          Short stretch bandage for compression bandages

          The permanently elastic bandage can be used for compression therapy in various clinical pictures. Compression of venous leg vessels with bandages often increases the flow rate of blood to reduce edema or prevent thrombosis. Elastic bandages are the treatment of choice for acute conditions as well as for marked swelling.
          The compression bandage consists of a stretchable skin-colored textile, which ensures permanent pressure on the vessels due to its low stretching capacity. The bandages are particularly durable and retain their elasticity even after repeated washing.
          The short-stretch bandages are supplied rolled and are ready for immediate use. The skin-friendly material is breathable and comfortable to wear.

          Please note: the supplied bandage clips are only for fixation when storing the bandage. Please use plaster strips for application on the patient to avoid the risk of injury.

          Scope of delivery

          • 10 Dur compression bandages with very short pull in the selected size
          • incl. bandage clips
          Service options: Medical supplies