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          Dr. Paul Koch Stack Fingersplint

          For immobilization of the finger end joint

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          Stack Fingersplint from Dr. Paul Koch

          Tendon-injuries of phalanges are treated with Stack's splints in conservative therapy.

          The principal of Stack's splints is based on hyperextension of the injured phalanx. Fixation occurs with band-aid strips or velcro, and so guarantees secure fit.

          It consists, among other things, of a thermoplastic acrylic resin plastic, which is perforated multiple times for improvement of wearing-properties, and therefore counter-acts skin macerations. This material can be formed over a flame ( bunsen-burner, etc. ) and also in hot water.

          The cap over the phalanx media can be affixed with velcro or band-aid strips.

          Even with multiple improvements to the splints, it is recommended to at least cover the injured finger with a tube bandage. Even better is covering the splint with a thin felt-layer, to prevent skin maceration.