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          Dr. Paul Koch Aluminum Fingersplint

          finger splint with padding

          Aluminum Fingersplint
          SKU: 130627
          Package: 3 m

          Selection: on the roll, 15 mm x 3 m, 15 mm x 3 m

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          Aluminum Fingersplint from Dr. Paul Koch

          This aluminum splint (aluminum thickness 1 mm), padded with foam on one side, is used to immobilize fingers. After measuring the required length, the necessary size is cut to fit. The splint should be cut long enough to overlap over the finger-tip dorsal-sidedly 3 - 4 cm. To avoid sliding off, it can be affixed to the finger in a semi-circular fashion with several band-aid strips.

          Final fixation occurs with a gauze- or elastic-bandage

          The bandage can be X-rayed, due to the aluminum. Rolls are available in lengths from 3 lft.

          Service options: Medical supplies