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          Dynacast Prelude

          Synthetic finger splinting system

          Dynacast Prelude
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          Package: 4.6 m

          Selection: 7.5 cm x 4.6 m, white

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          Dynacast Prelude from BSN

          Dynacast Prelude is a splint system made of synthetic fiberglass material. Application is simple and ideal for support as well as immobilization of fresh fractures and soft tissue injuries, allowing early mobilization.

          • made of fiberglass and padding
          • latex-free
          • easy and quick application
          • can be cut to size

          High strength

          Dynacast Prelude ensures good fixation of the injury due to its high strength and stability. It is light and easy to use, has maximum strength after only 20 min. and has high patient comfort due to its padding on both sides.

          Dynacast Prelude has adequate stability with only one cast layer. This reduces the risk of wrinkling and reduces the risk of pressure sores developing.

          Application time is from a few days to several weeks.

          Dynacast Prelude consists of fiberglass fabric coated with polyurethane resin and polypropylene padding on both sides.

          Improved product properties due to new single-layer cast core!

          Application for partial or complete immobilization in case of distortions, soft tissue, capsule or ligament injuries, tendon injuries and fresh fractures for the support of soft tissue injuries and fissures ideal for the upper extremities.

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