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          OrthoHeal FlexiOH Immobilizer Orthosis - Ulnar Gutter

          Cast bandage for immobilization of the little & ring finger

          FlexiOH Immobilizer Orthosis - Ulnar Gutter
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          FlexiOH Immobilizer Orthosis - Ulnar Gutter from OrthoHeal

          The orthopedic FlexiOH Immobilizer orthosis from OrthoHeal is an innovative cast bandage for immobilization of the forearm together with the ulnar half of the hand. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the light-curing orthosis is equally suitable for immobilizing non-displaced boxer fractures and fractures of the phalanges. The cast is easy to apply, closes quickly and hardens in just a few minutes.

          The result is a circular, form-fitting stabilization of the fracture. Thanks to the advanced grid structure, almost half of the skin surface is exposed. This makes itchy, hard-to-reach areas a thing of the past. In addition, unlike plaster casts, FlexiOH can be worn continuously without any problems during washing, showering and even swimming. Thus, OrthoHeal immobilization is an air-permeable and waterproof alternative to conventional bandages.

          Product details

          • Light-curing cast bandage for immobilization of the ulnar half of the hand
          • Reliable immobilization of the metacarpals and phalanges
          • Ideal for treating uncomplicated, non-displaced fractures
          • Moldable, lightweight mesh structure
          • Easy to put on and take off with integrated zipper
          • Rapid curing under UV light in 3 to 5 minutes
          • Cure with sunlight or RizyCure light unit (sold separately)
          • No restrictions in everyday life, can also be worn in the shower and while swimming
          • Waterproof and fast drying
          • 46% exposed skin area - air permeable and breathable
          • Foam padded interior for comfortable wear
          • Symmetrical design for use on left and right arm 
          • Material: silicone elastomer, nitrile rubber foam, light-cure resin
          • Latex free
          • Available in different sizes

          The new generation of orthopedic immobilization

          For uncomplicated care of fractures and sports injuries of the limbs, FlexiOH technology offers more than just reliable immobilization. As a contemporary alternative to plaster and cast bandages, the flexible and slightly stretchable plastic material fits snugly around the arm and is particularly easy to close. With the help of UV light, the innovative material of the cast bandage is cured in just a few minutes - simple sunlight or the RizyCure LED light device specially designed for FlexiOH (available separately) is suitable for this purpose. The built-in zipper allows the splint to be easily reopened after the treatment period and removed quickly and painlessly.

          3 versatile sizes

          The sizes of the FlexiOH orthosis differ in forearm and wrist circumference and finger length. After measuring the arm, it is easy to select the appropriate splint.

          • Finger length
            • 8 cm (S)
            • 8.5 cm (M)
            • 9.5 cm (L)
          • Wrist circumference
            • 16 cm (S)
            • 17.5 cm (M)
            • 19,5 cm (L)
          • Forearm circumference
            • 21 cm (S)
            • 23,5 cm (M)
            • 28 cm (L)

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 OrthoHeal FlexiOH Immobilizer Orthosis - Ulnar Gutter in the selected size

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