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          HeineScientific Professional emergency backpack Brussels


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          Professional emergency backpack Brussels from HeineScientific

          Sandter professional emergency backpacks "Brussels" are made of durable, water-repellent nylon fabric. The robust emergency backpack, which provides ample space, performs well in rescue services and emergency operations - because vital emergency equipment is quickly at hand. A sophisticated system of smaller and larger inner and outer pockets and the possibility of using the medical backpack as an emergency case by means of a carrying handle make it the highlight of the medical backpacks.

          • Standard emergency backpack made of waterproof nylon
          • rubberized, waterproof bottom
          • rain-protected zippers
          • designed for professional use
          • many removable modular pockets
          • separate compartment for documents, papers and stationery
          • Carrying handle for suitcase use instead of emergency backpack
          • Fastening possibility for oxygen bottle
          • sophisticated carrying system - padded carrying straps and extra lap belt
          • bright reflective stripes
          • Dimensions: 50 x 21 x 54 cm

          Sandter emergency backpack "Brussels" - emergency backpacks for professionals

          The Sandter professional emergency backpack "Brussels" is a solid, reliable helper of a special kind - because Sandter stands for practical, robust backpacks, which are characterized by the fact that paramedics and emergency doctors can very flexibly dispose of the space offered in the backpack. This is also due to the many smaller and larger interior and exterior pockets. On the outside, however, the standard emergency backpack is worked in almost one plane, so that one cannot get caught with a protruding side pocket. The keyword safety is universally meant with the Sandter emergency backpack.

          Sandter Profi emergency backpacks and their special features

          One can also use the Sandter Profi backpack as an emergency case. This is thanks to a practical carrying handle, which is characterized by its ergonomic shape. But this handle is only a part of the well thought-out carrying system that distinguishes the medical backpack: Padded shoulder straps and a stable hip support are the real stars of the Sandter emergency backpacks. They make it possible to avoid being plagued by back pain even during longer missions - even when carrying extensive, weighty emergency equipment.

          The division of the professional backpacks is made particularly intelligent: It is characterized by numerous removable modular pouches, which make the systematic stowage of emergency material, the necessary order and clarity possible. This means that everything is under control even in dangerous situations - and what you need to have at hand quickly can be found in no time. In the back area Sandter emergency backpacks have their own "secret compartment" for notepads, stationery, documents and the like.

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          • Sandter "Brussels" professional emergency backpack