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          Rescue backpack "Huck" - with filling

          With filling Basic Plus

          Order number: 100463.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Variant: Mit Basic Plus Füllung

          €237.88 * gross
          €199.90 * net

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          Delivery 10 to 13 days

          You will receive your goods between the 20.12.2022 and 23.12.2022

          Rescue backpack "Huck" - with filling from DocCheck

          Product details

          • Professional emergency backpack in the color red
          • 5 module bags in different colors
          • Durable material with robust zipper
          • 2-divided main compartment, 2 side compartments, 1 front compartment and 1 document compartment
          • Incl. DocCheck "Basic Plus" filling
          • Dimensions: 45 × 24 × 18 cm (without side pockets)

          DocCheck rescue backpack with filling - The details

          The DocCheck rescue backpack is an inexpensive, yet very robust emergency backpack. The emergency equipment contained in it includes everything needed for first aid, but also for more specialized operations. Therefore, the emergency backpacks cannot be compared to a standard first aid kit, which only contains plasters and first aid packs. Rather, this aid kit includes consumables and disposable materials, as well as a personal kit of diagnostic instruments and professional aid materials for crisis preparedness. You can conveniently pack this extensive emergency equipment into the 5 included modular bags. In addition, you always maintain an overview, as the material is arranged in different compartments. So you always have quickly exactly what you need at hand. Despite extensive content, the emergency backpacks still have a relatively low weight.

          The handy emergency backpack is equipped with the Basic Plus filling. Included are various diagnostic instruments, such as a blood pressure monitor with Velcro cuff, a flat-head stethoscope and a diagnostic light. Also included are numerous instruments such as a scalpel, surgical scissors, bandage scissors and anatomical tweezers. Auxiliary materials for single use or multiple use, e.g., cannulas, syringes, compresses, gloves, resuscitation bags and splints are also included. In addition to the Basic filling, the Basic Plus filling includes an LED headlamp, an ampoule kit for self-filling, a manual suction pump and matching suction catheters in various sizes, as well as a disposal box for cannulas.

          Contents of DocCheck Basic Plus filling

          • 1 DocCheck respiration set, consisting of:
            - 1 respiration bag incl. one mask each size 3 + 5 made of vinyl, O2 reservoir, connection tube, Guedel tube set/bunt/6-pieces
          • 1 DocCheck Pressure I blood pressure monitor
          • 1 DocCheck Single flat-head stethoscope
          • 10 DocCheck examination gloves M
          • 1 DocCheck vein tourniquet
          • 1 DocCheck Ecolight diagnostic light
          • 1 Holthaus car filling DIN13164B
          • 1 DocCheck cold compress
          • 1 DocCheck splint universal splint
          • 1 Cutfix disposable scalpel, Fig. 10
          • 1 surg. Scissors, sp/st, 14.5 cm
          • 1 anat. Forceps, 14.5 cm
          • 1 bandage scissors according to Lister, 18 cm
          • 1 artery clamp, straight, 14 cm
          • 1 Intrafix infusion device
          • 2 Vasofix indwelling vein cannulas, pink
          • 3 Vasofix intravenous catheters, green
          • 3 Vasofix intravenous catheters, orange
          • 5 disposable syringes, 2 ml
          • 3 disposable syringes, 5 ml
          • 2 disposable syringes, 10 ml
          • 5 cannulas no. 1
          • 1 DocCheck mouth wedge
          • 6 alcohol swabs


          • 1 DocCheck LED headlamp incl. AAA batteries
          • 1 DocCheck emergency ampoules
          • 1 DocCheck hand suction pump
          • 1 suction catheter each No. 12, 14, 16, 18
          • 1 cannula disposal box

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 DocCheck Rescue backpack "Huck" - with filling
          • 1 "Basic Plus" filling

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