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          Emergency bag "Pack M" - with filling

          Compact and handy emergency bag with "Basic" filling

          Order number: 100125.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: incl. filling, 38 x 23 x 18 cm, red

          €178.38 * gross
          €149.90 * net

          plus shipping costs

          Delivery 10 to 13 days

          You will receive your goods between the 01.09.2022 and 05.09.2022

          Due to the tense situation caused by the Covid-19 eruption, there may be occasional delays in delivery.

          Emergency bag "Pack M" - with filling from DocCheck

          The DocCheck "Pack M" emergency bag with filling holds a large selection of emergency medical dressing materials and instruments for life-saving measures during first aid in an emergency. Due to the compact dimensions of the first aid bag made of robust nylon fabric, it can be quickly stowed practically anywhere and this makes it an indispensable companion especially for paramedics, emergency medical technicians, emergency doctors and doctors on home visits. The 3 color-coded, transparent module pockets of the emergency bag ensure that utensils necessary for survival are almost reflexively at hand in an emergency.

          Product details

          • Emergency bag in red with a lot of space in a small area
          • Extremely durable nylon fabric
          • Weight only 1.3 kg (empty)
          • Bag halves can be folded open
          • 3 color-coded modular pouches, transparent
          • many inner compartments in different sizes
          • Dimensions: L 38 × W 23 × H 18 cm
          • incl. detachable, padded shoulder strap
          • incl. filling Basic (contains among other things Guedel tube set, vein tourniquet, splint, artery clamp, DocCheck Pressure I blood pressure monitor with 3 cuffs and v. m.)
          • supplied without badge

          DocCheck "Pack M" - The emergency bag for all cases

          The DocCheck "Pack M" emergency bag with filling contains a comprehensive emergency medical first aid equipment to lose no time in an emergency. The rescue bags are compact and thus fit practically anywhere during transport, even in the smallest corner of the passenger car. Nevertheless, the first aid kit contains a comprehensive emergency equipment. This emergency equipment includes disposable instruments, diagnostic instruments, disinfectants, compresses, latex gloves and a variety of other utensils essential for survival.

          DocCheck rescue bags and emergency backpacks, such as the "Pack M" emergency bag, are made of nylon and are therefore very durable. For quick access to all important components of the emergency equipment, the rescue bag is equipped with 3 colored module pockets. Two separate halves of the bag each contain a main compartment, which is divided into spacious compartments. Individual, small pockets can be stored in them. Thus, the internal division of the main pocket helps you to find as quickly as possible exactly those utensils that you need to have immediately at hand in an emergency.

          The DocCheck "Pack M" I first aid bag and its features

          • The outside of the first aid bag
            The emergency bag itself is made of durable, hard-wearing nylon in the signal color red. This makes it stand out immediately in rescue operations and is quicker to hand. There is a safety reflector on both the front and back of the first aid bag, so that it can be seen immediately and not overlooked even during missions in the dark. Directly above it is space for first-aid badges and other signs, which can be easily but firmly attached to the bag using Velcro. This is also one of the advantages of first aid bags over the first aid kit. Because the badge is quite easy to replace.
            The rescue bag has 2 black handle grips, which can be made into a comfortable carrying handle using Velcro, which will not cut into your hands even after carrying it for a long time. However, if one prefers an emergency carry bag, that is also done in seconds: One can easily convert the DocCheck "Pack M" into a first aid shoulder bag with the accompanying shoulder strap. This shoulder strap is comfortably padded so that the filled bag can be taken from A to B without shoulder pain.
          • The inside of the rescue bag
            Inside the emergency bag you will find a variety of practical compartments. You open the bag with a zip in the middle. The upper inside consists of a large compartment that can be opened with 2 zippers or a Velcro strap. On this compartment you can find 3 pen pockets and a mesh pocket with zipper. This is especially useful for small change and ID cards.
            The lower inside of the emergency bag also offers plenty of space and also contains 3 smaller module pockets, transparent and with color-coded frame. One yellow, one red and one green module pocket each thus ensure that the DocCheck "Pack M" immediately opens the right inner pocket to quickly access the right emergency material. The three modules can, but do not have to be used - because they are easily removed from the emergency bags by means of Velcro strips and can also be used again. So if you are looking for a lot of space without individual pouches, the DocCheck "Pack M" first aid bag also fulfills this wish. The bottom of the emergency first aid bag is stable and can also be used as storage space for flat emergency equipment by means of rubber straps.
          • In general, it is advisable to have emergency bags ready to hand not only at work, but also at home or at work, because first aid kits in particular are always responsible for saving lives at the last second or preventing the very worst from happening. Life-saving emergency measures are therefore not only important for paramedics, emergency doctors and other emergency services, but also play an immense role in private households or in games and sports. But if a good first aid kit is missing, even extensive knowledge is of little help.

          Filling "Basic" of the emergency rescue bag

          The emergency bag equipment "Basic" for backpacks, bags and suitcases (e.g. e.g. rescue backpacks, emergency bags, emergency cases) includes the essential first aid material to initiate life-saving measures in an emergency:

          • 1 DocCheck Resuscitation Set, consisting of:
            (1 resuscitation bag incl. one mask each size 3 + 5 made of vinyl, O2 reservoir, connecting tube, Guedel tube set/bunt/6-piece)
          • 1 DocCheck Pressure I blood pressure monitor
          • 1 DocCheck Single flat-head stethoscope
          • 10 DocCheck examination gloves M
          • 1 DocCheck vein tourniquet
          • 1 DocCheck Ecolight diagnostic light
          • 1 Holthaus car filling DIN13164B
          • 1 DocCheck cold compress
          • 1 DocCheck splint universal splint
          • 1 Cutfix disposable scalpel, Fig. 10
          • 1 surg. Scissors, sp/st, 14.5 cm
          • 1 anat. Forceps, 14.5 cm
          • 1 bandage scissors according to Lister, 18 cm
          • 1 artery clamp, straight, 14 cm
          • 1 Intrafix infusion device
          • 2 Vasofix indwelling vein cannulas, pink
          • 3 Vasofix intravenous catheters, green
          • 3 Vasofix intravenous catheters, orange
          • 5 disposable syringes, 2 ml
          • 3 disposable syringes, 5 ml
          • 2 disposable syringes, 10 ml
          • 5 cannulas no. 1
          • 1 DocCheck mouth wedge
          • 6 alcohol swabs

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 DocCheck Emergency bag "Pack M" - with filling
          • 1 shoulder strap and 3 modular pouches
          • 1 filling Basic emergency equipment

          Badge not included in delivery.

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