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          Zoll CPR-D-padz electrodes for AED Plus

          For adults

          CPR-D-padz electrodes for AED Plus
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          Package: 1 pair(s)

          Selection: CPR-D-padz

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          CPR-D-padz electrodes for AED Plus from Zoll

          Quickly and accurately placed. Not only are the CPR-D-padz easy to place on the body due to their shape, but ZOLL's Real CPR Help technology ensures that pressure depth and compression rate are communicated to the AED Plus, allowing it to give you the proper instructions for optimal CPR.

          CPR-D-padz - At a glance

          • One-piece electrode
          • Disposable electrode
          • Suitable for adults
          • Electrode sensor detects achieved depth and frequency of chest compression
          • Intuitive design
          • Durability of 5 years

          CPR-D-padz - Technology that saves lives

          The innovative design of the CPR-D-padz ensures that it can be placed quickly and accurately. Because it is one-piece, the risk of pads falling or sticking together in the stress of an emergency situation is minimized.

          The tear tabs on the electrode release the electrode gel only when the electrode comes into direct contact with the skin. This prevents additional contamination from the gel.

          The sensor inside the CPR-D-padz electrode detects chest compressions and reports the measured values - such as pressure depth and frequency - to the AED Plus. This allows the AED to then audiovisually guide you or another first responder to perform good chest compressions. The optimal pressure depth of 5 - 6 cm and a compression frequency of 100/min are taken from the guidelines established by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) in 2010.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 CPR-D-padz electrode

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