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          mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer

          For combined vital data measurement with optional bioimpedance analysis

          Article ID: 124183
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Model: Standard (NIBP, pulse, temperature)

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          mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer from seca

          Everything in one place? The mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer from seca offers a modern diagnostic station for comprehensive determination of all important vital signs. The medical station consists of two core components as standard: the seca mVSA 535 spot check monitor for intuitive operation via touchscreen and display of all examination values and the seca mVSA 526 SmartBucket with integrated vital sign modules and additional storage space for easy transport of all instruments.

          The combination of high-quality accessories and intelligent additional functions creates a broad basis for further diagnosis - in the process, all determined parameters can be saved for further processing and transferred to the digital patient record (EMR). In addition, seca 360° proximity technology enables the integration of compatible seca scales and measuring stations. In keeping with the wide range of functions, the Vital Signs Analyzer has a timeless design that blends unobtrusively into any practice or clinic interior.

          Product details

          • Advanced diagnostic station for comprehensive examinations
          • Uncomplicated vital signs measurement of temperature, blood pressure (non-invasive blood pressure measurement) and pulse
          • Optional: measurement of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
          • Fast measurement of temperature via the ear
          • Freely configurable blood pressure determination for precise diagnoses
          • Digital connection of seca scales and measuring stations via seca 360° proximity technology
          • Long-life battery for successive examinations
          • Internal storage of all parameters for later processing
          • Can be integrated for data transfer to the digital patient record (EMR)
          • Incl. seca SmartBucket for flexible transport of the equipment
          • Medical device class IIa according to 93/42/EEC
          • Dimensions: approx. W 25 x H 26 x D 28 cm
          • Weight: approx. 3.7 kg
          • Available in different versions

          Everything in one place with the mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer

          The standard version of the seca mVSA already has some instruments of the vital signs measurement. The integrated Genius 2 Tympanic ear thermometer can be used to determine body temperature in seconds, while the included blood pressure cuffs enable reliable measurement of blood pressure and pulse - regardless of the patient's arm circumference.

          For even more functions during the examination, the extended version includes the appropriate accessories for pulse oximetry: a secaSpO2 modulewith two finger clips and extension cable. This allows the oxygen saturation in the blood of adults and children to be determined without restricting freedom of movement.

          In the premium version , the individual body composition of the patient can also be included in the examination. The state-of-the-art seca mBCA 531 measuring mat enables bioelectrical impedance analysis. For this purpose, the mat is simply placed over the patient's legs for 8-point analysis to determine the distribution of body water, fat and muscle mass. 

          Technical details

          • Display: 7" touch screen
          • Internal memory: 70,000 measurements
          • Battery life: approx. 150 measurements
          • Interfaces: WLAN, Ethernet, USB 2.0, seca 360° wireless
          • Power supply: Power supply unit or integrated lithium-ion rechargeable battery

          Temperature measurement

          • Measuring method: Ear (manual)
          • Measuring range: 33 - 42 °C
          • Measured values: °C, °F
          • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.2 °C (36 - 39 °C) or ± 0.3 °C (< 36 °C; > 39 °C)

          Blood pressure measurement

          • Measuring method: Oscilliometric, NIBP
          • Measuring range: 25 - 280 mmHg (SYS); 10 - 220 mmHg (DIA); 15 - 260 mmHg (MAD)
          • Measurement accuracy: < 1.7 mmHg (deflation); < 1.19 mmHg (inflation)
          • Measurement duration: 15 - 20 sec, max. 90 sec.
          • Overpressure protection: 300 mmHg

          Pulse measurement

          • Measuring method: pulse measurement via blood pressure cuff orSpO2 module
          • Measuring range: 30 - 240 bpm
          • Measuring accuracy: ± 2 bpm

          SpO2 measurement

          • Measuring method: Pulse oximetry
          • Measuring range: 0 - 100
          • Measurement accuracy: 60 - 100 % (without movement; ± 2ARMS); 70 - 100 % (with movement; ± 3ARMS)

          Bioelectrical impedance analysis

          • Measurement method: 8-point bioelectrical impedance analysis 
          • Measuring current: 100 μΑ
          • Measured values: Impedance (Z), resistance (R), reactance (Xc), phase angle (φ)
          • Measuring time: approx. 30 sec.

          Scope of delivery

          seca mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer in standard version

          • 1 seca mVSA 535 Spot Check Monitor in the selected version
          • 1 mVSA 526 SmartBucket with integrated vital sign modules
          • 1 blood pressure cuff size M
          • 1 Blood pressure cuff sizes L
          • 1 Genius 2 Tympanic ear thermometer
          • 1 box Genuis 2 Tympanic probe covers á 96 pieces
          • 1 power cord

          seca mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer in extended version

          • Scope of delivery as standard version
          • 1 secaSpO2 module
          • 1SpO2-SoftCapfinger clip for children
          • 1SpO2-SoftFlapfinger clip for adults
          • 1 extension cable forSpO2 sensor

          seca mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer in premium version

          • Scope of delivery as extended version
          • 1 seca mBCA 531 BIA measuring mat
          • 60 adhesive electrodes
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 license for seca analytics 115 software

          The illustrated rolling stand with basket is not included in the scope of delivery.

          Attention: BIA is not recommended for pregnancy and pacemakers and other life-supporting implanted systems !


          • 1 seca mVSA 535 Vital Signs Analyzer in Standardausführung, bestehend aus:
            • 1 mVSA 535 Spot-Check-Monitor
            • 1 mVSA 526 SmartBucket mit integrierten Vitalzeichen-Modulen
            • 1 Blutdruckmanschette Größe M
            • 1 Blutdruckmanschette Größen L
            • 1 Genius 2 Tympanic Ohrthermometer
            • 1 Box Genius 2 Tympanic Sondenschutzhüllen á 96 Stück
            • 1 Netzkabel

          Das abgebildete Rollstativ mit Korb ist nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.

          Das Produkt ist in Deutschland nach MPBetreibV einweisungspflichtig. Die Einweisung ist nicht im Preis enthalten.

          Achtung: Bei Schwangerschaft und Herzschrittmacher sowie sonstigen lebenserhaltenden implantierten Systemen wird eine BIA nicht empfohlen!

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