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          Plum Wound and eye spray

          Sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9%) for wound care and eye irrigation

          Wound and eye spray
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          Package: 0.05 l

          Package size: 50 ml

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          Wound and eye spray from Plum

          Plum's Wound and Eye Spray is the fast and effective first aid for skin and eyes! It contains sterile 0.9% sodium chloride solution and provides effective help within seconds for the treatment of minor wounds such as scratches or cuts on the skin, as well as for rinsing out dust and dirt in the eye. The spray can be used multiple times and remains sterile. Due to its size, the Wound and Eye Spray fits in any cabinet or pocket, can be easily carried around and used with one hand. Spraying is possible from all directions. It is ideal for industry, manufacturing, laboratories, hazardous materials transportation, first responders, firefighters, military, emergency services and emergency relief. 

          Product details

          • Quick and easy operation with one hand
          • Can be used multiple times and remains sterile
          • Hypoallergenic and preservative free
          • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable - classified as a non-flammable aerosol
          • The bottles are CE marked
          • 3 years shelf life
          • Contains sterile sodium chloride solution (0.9%)
          • Available in
            • 50 ml
            • 250 ml 

          Application of Plum Wound and Eye Spray 

          1. Before use, clean the spray head by spraying briefly into the air. If the spray head is clogged, the product should not be used.
          2. Hold the spray head in front of the wound or eye at a distance of about 10 cm.
          3. Press the spray head and spray onto the wound or into the eye. The spray is strong enough for cleaning wounds and gentle enough for rinsing eyes.
          4. Be careful not to touch the wound or eye with the spray head.

           Package contents 

          • 1 Plum wound and eye spray in the selected size