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          Holthaus Medical Ypsimed cooling spray

          First aid for blunt injuries

          Ypsimed cooling spray
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          Ypsimed cooling spray from Holthaus Medical

          Ypsimed cooling spray is a medical cold spray that can be used for first aid in sports injuries such as muscle cramps, bruises, contusions and strains.

          Product details

          • Cooling spray for first aid
          • For muscle cramps, bruises, contusions and strains
          • For application on the skin
          • Ideal for sports injuries
          • Spray bottle, 150 ml

          Ypsimed cold spray - fast help for sports injuries

          The ice spray is a first aid product for cold therapy. It can be used especially in sports, but also in everyday life.
          The cooling spray is used for fast and effective cooling of the upper layers of the skin. By using the Ypsimed cold spray, a short-term cooling of the tissue around injuries such as bruises or haematomas can be achieved. This temporarily relieves the injured person's sensation of pain.

          The cooling spray is only suitable for use on the skin, but not for treating open wounds. Please note that the cooling spray must not be sprayed into the eyes or onto the mucous membranes under any circumstances.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Ypsimed cooling spray 150ml