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          miradent Dentosafe with special tooth-nutrient solution

          portable tooth-rescue box

          Dentosafe with special tooth-nutrient solution
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          Dentosafe with special tooth-nutrient solution from miradent

          The SOS tooth box from Miradent is the first mobile tooth rescue box. This allows knocked-out, -broken teeth or fragments to be kept alive for a whole 24 hours. The secret is the special nutrient solution that keeps the living cells at the fracture sites alive. With the Tooth Rescue Box SOS, in case of emergency, you can immediately go to the nearest dental office or dental clinic and save the tooth.

          • Miradent Tooth Rescue Box SOS tooth box with special tooth nutrient solution
          • safe transport of teeth or tooth fragments
          • immediately ready for use
          • Cell nutrient solution keeps teeth and tooth root viable for at least 24 hours
          • broken, knocked out or extremely loosened teeth and fragments remain replantable

          The tooth rescue box SOS Dentobox - there is still hope

          Thanks to the Miradent SOS Dentobox with the special tooth nutrient solution, after an accident with tooth injuries, you can finally renounce the old idea that you now have to completely replace the tooth: Save instead of replace! Daily life is always full of accidents: play, sports, traffic accidents. They can all lead to injuries to the teeth. Mostly affected are the front teeth. If whole parts of the tooth crown break off due to a fall or impact, or if loosening is the result of an accident, the Miradent SOS Dentobox is in demand. Teeth are often partially or even completely knocked out. Here, too: The Miradent Tooth Rescue Box SOS - or rather the sophisticated tooth nutrient solution - can save the victim from costly tooth replacements. After all, the loss of an anterior tooth alone may cause lifelong follow-up costs that can even reach €10,000 to €20,000.

          Dentobox tooth nutrient solution - the solution itself

          If such a tooth injury occurs, immediate action must be taken - time is running out and you need to get to the nearest dental practice or oral / dental clinic as soon as possible.

          Studies have shown that freshly removed teeth or even tooth fragments at the roots are still completely covered with living cells. The problem is: this is only short-lived. One should place the removed teeth in Dentobox nutrient solution within 30 minutes to keep these root membrane cells from dying for at least 24 hours. Teeth and fragments placed in the Dentobox nutrient solution have a good chance of being reimplanted into the jaw by the dentist after the accident.

          Why miradent tooth rescue box?

          In case of an emergency, it is necessary to carefully pick up the fragments of teeth or even the knocked out or extremely loose teeth - this is a great advantage of the Tooth Rescue Box. Within 30 minutes, the teeth must be placed in the nutrient solution, which is already completely ready for use in the vial. Directly and without prior cleaning of dirt or the like, one then only has to place the tooth fragment into the cell nutrient solution and screw down the lid of the solution vial.

          Caution: During this tooth salvage procedure, the tooth root or root surface must not be touched, as this is the place covered with the still living cells. The patient can then be transported immediately to the dental clinic together with the tooth rescue box.

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          • Miradent SOS Dentobox

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