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          Weinmann ACCUVAC Pro suction unit

          With disposable container system

          ACCUVAC Pro suction unit
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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: With disposable container system

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          ACCUVAC Pro suction unit from Weinmann

          Weinmann ACCUVAC Pro with disposable container system - At a glance

          • Mobile suction unit for rescue services
          • Maximum ease of use in prehospital use
          • Suitable for adults, children and infants
          • Four vacuum levels selectable at the touch of a button
          • Clear control panel with LED display
          • Ergonomic carrying handle
          • Easy-to-replace lithium-ion battery with a battery life of more than 60 minutes
          • Suction capacity of approx. 34 l/min
          • Automatic function control
          • Easy to disassemble and disinfect components
          • Robust housing made of shockproof materials
          • Dust and water protected
          • Integrated disposable container system also for use with hygienic suction bags

          Weinmann ACCUVAC Pro with disposable container system - The details

          ACCUVAC Pro is a mobile suction device for rescue services. When suctioning a patient's mouth and throat or during endotracheal suctioning, the portable ACCUVAC Pro suction unit quickly ensures a clear airway. The high suction power of the electric suction pump and the easy handling of the unit ensure effective and rapid treatment of the patient in rescue operations.

          The handy compact suction unit can be used inside and outside rescue service vehicles. The function check is partially automated, performed in less than one minute and provides the user with visual and acoustic feedback. No tools are required for battery change, container system change and disassembly prior to hygienic cleaning. The hose guide and hose rewind ensure that the suction hose is always within reach, yet safely stored. The notch at the top of the hose reel is used to hold the suction catheter in place during use in between so that it does not become contaminated.

          Emergency services can use the ACCUVAC Pro mobile suction unit for suctioning the upper and lower airways of adults as well as children and infants. Four predefined suction levels enable the ACCUVAC Pro suction unit to optimally adjust the suction power of the suction pump. With a negative pressure range of up to -0.8 bar and a suction capacity of 34 l/min, ACCUVAC Pro provides sufficient power for all applications. The wide operating range of -5 °C to +50 °C (transport/storage: -40 °C to +70 °C), as well as the long battery life of 60 minutes, takes into account the requirements of rescue services, disaster control and the military.

          In addition to suctioning the respiratory tract, the electric suction pump can be used for evacuating vacuum splints and mattresses. Even during longer periods of use, a powerful lithium-ion battery with a long range supplies the suction unit with power. The shock-resistant material of the container system, hose reel and unit base makes the suction unit insensitive to impacts from the side and from below. Disposable suction bags with  integrated bacteria filter and disposable suction hoses are required as consumables.

          Technical details

          • Dimensions: 37 cm x 27,7 cm x 14,6 cm
          • Weight: Approx. 4.3 kg
          • Temperature (operating conditions): -5° C to + 50° C
          • Altitude above sea level (operating conditions): Up to 5 000 m
          • Degree of protection IP34D against:
            - penetration of foreign solid bodies
            - penetration of dust
            - penetration of water with harmful effect 
          • Resistance to shock and vibration: EN 1789; RTCA DO-160G; EN 10079-1
          • Power supply: 12 to 15 V or 100 to 240 V / 50 to 60 Hz with external power supply unit
          • Battery life (typical): 60 min
          • Other functions: Automatic function control
          • Suction capacity at device inlet: Approx. 34 l/min
          • Vacuum setting: Predefined levels (0.1 bar - 0.2 bar - 0.5 bar - 0.8 bar)
          • Classification according to EN ISO 10079-1: High vacuum/high flow
          • Volume container system: 1.000 ml
          • Power supply and charger for 100 V to 240 V alternating voltage on device plug ACCUVAC, Euro plug

          Delivery contents

          • 1 Weinmann ACCUVAC Pro with disposable container system incl. lithium-ion battery
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 silicone hose size 3 (1.8 m)
          • 1 container (1,000 ml)