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          servoprax RESQ-Blade Cold Blade LED - Set

          laryngoscopy set for emergencies

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          RESQ-Blade Cold Blade LED - Set from servoprax

          The RESQ-Blade Cold Blade LED Set is the compact aid in emergency use. It consists of a RESQ-Blade Cold Blade Mega laryngoscope battery handle as a power source for laryngoscope F.O.. Fiber optic illumination and one Macintosh blade each of sizes 2,3 and 4. 

          Product details

          • Laryngoscopy set with F.O. Fiber Optic Illumination
          • Professional intubation set
          • Multiple use
          • Battery handle made of high quality metal, 30 mm diameter
          • Set of three Macintosh cold light spatulas: Size 2, 3, 4
          • Built-in light source (LED cold light)
          • Handle and laryngoscope blades can be combined with products from other manufacturers
          • Incl. roll-up transport bag
          • Incl. 2 batteries VARTA Industrial LR 14  (1.5 V Baby C)

          servoprax laryngoscopy set: Fast and reliable intubation in emergencies and anesthesia

          With the servoprax laryngoscopy set, fast intubation in emergency, rescue, intensive care, as well as laryngoscopy in ENT medicine and anesthesia (surgical laryngoscope) can be performed without any problems. Therefore, the servoprax laryngoscope is an important component in all emergency cases. In the twinkling of an eye, the complete laryngoscope is assembled and fully ready for use. If the assembled laryngoscope is inserted into the pharynx or larynx, direct examination of the larynx is quick and easy. The reason for this is the very bright and reliable F.O. illumination, the power source of which is located in the instrument handle, thus enabling direct laryngoscopy with a direct view. The examination field is thus comprehensively illuminated during direct laryngoscopy.

          Each blade Macintosh differs in size from the other two and can therefore be used in a patient-friendly manner depending on the anatomical conditions.
          When the laryngoscope is not in use, it can be stored protected in the roll case. This makes the RESQ-Blade Cold Blade LED set ideal for home visits and mobile use in emergency medicine.

          You get in the set a laryngoscope with battery handle for intubation, as well as 3 blades Macintosh in different sizes.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 LED cold light stainless steel handle
          • 1 Macintosh blade size 2
          • 1 Macintosh blade size 3
          • 1 Macintosh blade size 4
          • 1 roll-up case
          • 2 VARTA Industrial batteries LR 14 
          Service options: Laser engraving
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