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          Spur II disposable resuscitation bag

          Available for adults | children | newborns

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: for infants

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          Spur II disposable resuscitation bag from Ambu

          The Ambu Spur II resuscitator makes ventilating the patient easy, safe and correct. Adults, children and neonates are supplied with the correct amount of oxygen through the respective adapted disposable face mask. Mask ventilation is optimized by the perfect interaction of disposable O₂ reservoir, single-membrane patient valve (demand valve) and the excellent controllable stroke volume.

          Product details

          • Resuscitator bag set with face mask and accessories
          • Disposable resuscitator bag with direct feedback for perfect ventilation
          • Ambu Spur technology for adults, children and neonates
          • Demand valve - on demand 100% oxygen for children and adults
          • Pressure reference valve for children's face mask for max. 40 cm H₂O
          • Uniform compression
          • Hygienic O₂ reservoir for disposable use

          Resuscitation bag for emergency medicine

          When respiratory arrest occurs, it is an emergency situation and life is at risk. This is referred to as a failure of spontaneous breathing. In such cases, external oxygen supply is essential for survival. The respiratory masks with reservoir bag are optimized for such situations in emergency medicine. The mask is pressed onto the mouth and nose to allow the patient to breathe oxygen again. Once adequate breathing with a stable rhythm has been restored, the respiratory mask can be removed.

          Ambu Spur II disposable resuscitator bags make the stroke volume visible at a glance during ventilation, even when ventilating neonates with the Ambu Spur II Infant version.

          Specifications - Ambu Spur II Infants

          • Body weight: up to 30 kg (approx. 1 - 10 yrs.)
          • Disposable resuscitator volume: 635 ml
          • Stroke volume: 450 ml
          • Volume O₂-reservoir: 2600 ml
          • Dimensions: 234 × 99 mm
          • Patient connector: 22 × 15 mm (ISO)
          • Expiratory connector: 30 mm
          • Demand valve connection
          • Pressure gauge connection
          • Pressure relief valve up to 40 cm H₂O

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Ambu Spur II disposable resuscitator bag in selected version

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