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          Ambu Spur II single-use resuscitation bag

          Available for adults | children | newborns

          SKU: 294333
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Version: Beutel und Maske für Neugeborene (bis 10 kg)

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          Spur II single-use resuscitation bag from Ambu

          The Ambu Spur II resuscitation bag facilitates the resuscitation of patients in a safe and correct manner. It is especially suitable as a first aid resuscitation bag in emergency situations and ensures ideal intubation with the right amount of oxygen thanks to its adapted single-use face masks for adults, young children, or infants. The mask ventilation is optimized by the interplay of single-use O2 reservoir, single-membrane patient valve (demand valve), and the excellently controllable displacement volume. Although the Ambu Spur II resuscitation bag is a single-use resuscitation bag, it is characterized by features of proven reusable resuscitation bags: its ventilation mask reliably protects against cross contaminations and offers security and hygiene for patients and staff.

          Product details

          • Resuscitation bag set with face mask and accessories
          • Single-use resuscitation bag with direct feedback for ideal ventilation
          • Ambu Spur technology for adults, children, and newborns
          • Demand valve: 100 % oxygen for children and adults upon request
          • Pressure-limiting valve on children’s face mask for max. 40 cm H₂O
          • Integrated hand strap for higher user comfort and uniform compression
          • Reacts to compression very easily with minimal mechanical resistance
          • 360° swivel joint for easy hand changing during ventilation as well as flexible bag positioning
          • With direct connection for PEEP valves
          • Removable oxygen reservoir
          • Hygienic O₂ reservoir for single use
          • Fast fill rate
          • SafeGrip™ surface for optimal hold
          • Full functionality and elasticity even during cold temperatures and severe temperature influences
          • Particularly light
          • Free of phthalate and latex
          • Eco-friendly material
          • Material: styrene ethylene butylene styrene (SEBS)
          • Available in different versions:

          Resuscitation bag for emergency care

          In emergency situations, a correct treatment is essential for saving endangered lives. In cases of respiratory arrest due to a failure of spontaneous breathing for instance, an external oxygen supply is vital. Ambu Spur II as a ventilation mask with reservoir bag is optimized for such situations. The mask is pressed onto the patient’s mouth and nose to enable them to breathe oxygen again, while the resuscitation bag gives noticeable and visible feedback for a perfect ventilation. As soon as sufficient breathing with a stable rhythm could be restored, the ventilation mask can be removed. The Ambu Spur II single-use resuscitation bag makes the displacement volume visible at a glance, even when resuscitating infants with the Ambu Spur II Infant version.

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