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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder attachment

          For the use with mini 3000 handles

          HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder attachment
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          HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder attachment from HEINE Optotechnik

          The HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder is a compact and hygienic option for examinations of the oral cavity. The depressor holder features a depressor ejector for HEINE single-use tongue depressors so that they do not have to be handled after use. Thanks to its handy size, the depressor holder is especially suitable for home visits and doctor’s rounds.

          Product details

          • Tongue depressor holder for HEINE mini 3000
          • Improved XHL xenon halogen light technology for a perfect illumination of the mouth and throat
          • High-quality casing made of chromium alloy and impact-resistant plastic
          • Clip with integrated on/off switch for battery conservation
          • 20,000 guaranteed switch cycles
          • Illumination technology: XHL xenon halogen lighting (focal light)
          • Materials: chromium alloy, plastic (impact-resistant, non-slip)
          • The headpiece is used with a HEINE mini 3000 handle and is suitable for upgrading other mini 3000 instruments
          • 5 years of warranty: For more information, visit HEINE Optotechnik's guarantee conditions 

          The HEINE tongue depressor

          The HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder is a member of the convenient and compact HEINE mini 3000 series of diagnosis tools for quick and efficient applications. Thanks to its compact form, the tongue depressor holder can be taken wherever you go – whether it is used for home visits, doctor’s rounds in hospital, or as standard inventory in your doctor’s office. The tongue depressor holder is made of high-quality materials that ensure the depressor holder’s impact and slip resistance.

          The clip with its integrated on/off switch causes the light to automatically switch off inside pockets and thus ensures an energy-saving operation. As a result, the HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holders guarantee 20,000 switch cycles. The tongue depressor holder can be used with HEINE single-use tongue depressors made of plastic and is thus steadily and hygienically applicable.

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE mini 3000 tongue depressor holder (without handle)

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