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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE BETA 400 LED FO otoscope and BETA 200 LED ophthalmoscope set

          With LED HQ illumination & different BETA handles

          SKU: 101200.3
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Handle: BETA4 USB rechargeable handle

          €1,059.10 inc. VAT*
          €890.00 ex. VAT*

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          HEINE BETA 400 LED FO otoscope and BETA 200 LED ophthalmoscope set from HEINE Optotechnik

          Be prepared for anything! This set includes one otoscope and one HEINE BETA ophthalmoscope. In addition, you can also select between different types of handles.

          Product details

          BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope head

          • LED illumination
          • Large viewing field made of scratch-resistant glass with 4.2x magnification
          • Hermetically sealable magnifying glass that folds upwards
          • Material: Solid, matt chrome-plated all-metal housing
          • LED service life: up to 100,000 hours

          BETA 200 LED ophthalmoscope head

          • Aspherical optical system
          • Recessed, multi-coated viewing window
          • Soft orbital support
          • Ergonomic shape
          • 6 luminous field apertures
          • Rekoss lens with 27 individual lenses for refraction compensation (- 35 to + 40 D)
          • Material: Aluminium carrier

          Handle models

          The BETA4 USB rechargeable handle can be charged at any power socket with the supplied USB cable. It is really convenient while offering a long battery life. The Li-Ion rechargeable battery is resistant to memory effects and provides reliable power for all HEINE 3.5 V XHL and LED rechargeable handles.

          The BETA4 NT rechargeable handles have a base unit that allows them to be charged on an NT4 table charger. This table charger can be used to both charge the handle and also store them. This set included two rechargeable handles, two instrument heads (otoscope and ophthalmoscope) and an NT4 table charger. You can charge the two handles at the same time.

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE diagnostic set, consisting of:
            • 1 HEINE BETA 400 LED F.O. otoscope head
            • 1 HEINE BETA 200 LED ophthalmoscope head
            • 1 BETA4 USB rechargeable handle
            • 1 USB cable
            • 1 USB power supply plug
            • 4 continuous use tips
            • 10 All-Spec disposable tips

          Unscrew the ground unit from the handle to operate the rechargeable handle. Loosen the separating foil between the battery and the ground unit by intermittently pulling it out. Do this strongly! Insert then the rechargeable battery according to the instructions.

          Further information

          User Manual BETA 400 otoscope

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          User Manual BETA 200 ophthalmoscope

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          Otoscope Brochure

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