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          KaWe MedCenter 5000 set with F.O. E25 & LED HIGH POWER

          Wall station with otoscope & ophthalmoscope head

          MedCenter 5000 set with F.O. E25 & LED HIGH POWER
          SKU: 102188.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Version: With F.O. E25 & LED HIGH POWER

          €773.38 inc. VAT*
          €649.90 ex. VAT*

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          MedCenter 5000 set with F.O. E25 & LED HIGH POWER from KaWe

          This MedCenter 5000 set by KaWe is an electrically powered wall station with 2 handles, a Piccolight F.O. LED HIGH POWER otoscope head, and a Eurolight E25 ophthalmoscope head. The otoscope head has an LED HIGH POWER lamp which enables a free view of the ear canal and eardrum, and provides 3x magnification. The provided ophthalmoscope head is equipped with a xenon/halogen lamp as well as 5 apertures and a correction lens wheel with which the ophthalmoscope can be continuously adjusted from +36 to -36 diopters. Thanks to the connected power supply, the diagnostic instruments are always ready for use. If needed, the wall station can also be expanded by an extension module which offers space for another handle.

          Product details

          • Wall station consisting of 2 handles, 1 otoscope head, and 1 ophthalmoscope head
          • Basic model that can be expanded with max. 3 handles and 1 ear specula module
          • Xenon halogen lighting
          • With exchangeable power plug
          • Incl. wall mounting set
          • Compatible with 2.5 and 4.0 mm ear specula for KaWe Piccolight otoscopes
          • Size of basic model: 206 x 146 x 100 mm
          • Weight: approx. 810 g
          • Cable length: 3 m
          • Useable length of coiled cable: 2800 mm

          Otoscope head:

          • KaWe Piccolight F.O. LED HIGH POWER
          • LED HIGH POWER lamp
          • 3x magnification
          • Color: night

          Ophthalmoscope head:

          • KaWe Eurolight E25
          • Xenon/halogen lamp
          • With 5 apertures
          • With correction lens wheel (+36 to -36 diopters)
          • 71 lenses, polarization filter
          • Color: night

          Technical details

          • Wide-range input voltage: 100-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
          • Output voltage: 5.0 V DC
          • Output current: max. 2 A

          Package contents

          • 1 KaWe MedCenter 5000 basic model
          • 2 handles with exchangeable power plug
          • 1 KaWe Piccolight F.O. LED HIGH POWER head
          • 1 KaWe Eurolight E25 head
          • 1 wall mounting set: 1 suspension device, 5 screws with dowels