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          1m4 High frequency rattle

          For checking children’s hearing

          High frequency rattle
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          High frequency rattle from 1m4

          1m4’s high frequency rattle is used for checking children’s hearing abilities. To do this, you simply shake the high-frequency rattle outside the newborn’s or child’s vision field and look whether they turn towards the sound or not. High-frequency rattles are reliable tools in every general medical and paediatric practice and, thanks to their handiness, can also be used easily and quickly in clinics.

          Product details

          • High frequency McCormick rattle
          • Manchester rattle for quick paediatric hearing test
          • Can be used on newborns
          • For checking the reaction to sound
          • For behavioural audiometry
          • Ideal sound source in the Ewing test
          • Easy to clean
          • Colour: transparent
          • Material: plastic

          Package contents

          • 1 1m4 high frequency rattle