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          DocCheck “Planng” tuning fork

           For ENT medicine - 440 Hz

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          “Planng” tuning fork from DocCheck

          "Planng": The DocCheck tuning fork! Whether you want to perform a Rinne, Weber, or Gelle test – this “Planng” tuning fork is perfect for you! The tuning fork produces an A1 concert pitch (440 Hz ± 5 % deviation) and is used in ENT medicine to diagnose the air and bone conduction of sound. The medical tuning fork can be used for various standard hearing tests. These include the Rinne test, the Weber test and the Gelle test. The latter examines the mobility of the ossicular chain.

          Product details

          • Tuning fork with 440 Hz and ± 5 % deviation (concert pitch A1)
          • Ideally suited for the ENT medical field
          • Suitable for diagnosing in the audiology field
          • Robust and easy to clean
          • Includes base
          • Colour: silver
          • Material: stainless steel
          • Available with engraving

          Package contents

          • 1 DocCheck “Planng” tuning fork
          Discounts: Student Discount
          Service options: Laser engraving

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