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          MAICO Earplugs for ERO SCAN OAE-Screener

          Disposable earplugs for the ERO SCAN hearing screening device

          Earplugs for ERO SCAN OAE-Screener
          SKU: 102297.0
          Package: 70 piece(s)

          Package size: 70 piece

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          Earplugs for ERO SCAN OAE-Screener from MAICO

          The earplugs from MAICO are the right accessories for the ERO SCAN OAE screening devices from MAICO. The earplugs are disposable products and enable a hygienic and efficient audiometric examination. In combination with the external probe of the ERO SCAN OAE screener, the earplugs ensure that the ear is easily sealed, enabling optimum examination results.

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          Package contents

          • 1 pack of 70 MAICO earplugs for ERO SCAN OAE screeners