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          HEINE Optotechnik

          HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes on S-Frame Spectacle Frame

          Working magnifiers on swiveling i-View loupe carrier

          Article ID: 102383.2
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Magnification: 6-fold

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          HEINE HRP Binocular Loupes on S-Frame Spectacle Frame from HEINE Optotechnik

          The HRP Binocular Loupes on S-Frame eyeglass frame set from HEINE consists of a pair of High Resolution Prismatic Loupes and an eyeglass frame with plastic protective lenses. The i-View loupe carrier allows an individually adjustable viewing angle for an optimal, shadow-free image. With a flick of the wrist, the magnifiers can be flipped up out of the field of view without removing the safety glasses. The high-quality optics of HRP magnifiers produce a sharp, high-resolution image with a large field of view. Homogeneous magnification and light weight prevent fatigue, even during long procedures.

          Product details

          • Set with HRP High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes
          • With HEINE i-View loupe carrier on HEINE S-Frame spectacle frame
          • High resolution and sharpness
          • Low loupe weight
          • Nickel-free (i-View and S-Frame)
          • Incl. magnifier protective lenses, spectacle strap, microfiber cloth and case
          • Available in different working distances or magnifications
            • 420 mm (magnification 3.5 x)
            • 340 mm (magnification 4 x or 6 x)

          Magnifying glasses with large field of view and homogeneous magnification

          HEINE HRP High Resolution Prismatic Binocular Loupes make all the difference in daily precision work. Due to prismatic quality lenses, the image is very sharp, distortion-free and without color gradients at the edges. The compact lightweight design makes HRP loupes a good choice in dermatology and surgery.

          The smallest magnification for the particular work requirement should be selected. This makes it easier to use the loupe glasses and relieves eye strain. Because at low magnification, the field of view is larger. In addition, the depth of field is greater, so the surgical field and the near background are in sharp focus. This is how HEINE binocular loupes are properly adjusted:

          HEINE i-View loupe carrier with flip-up function

          The loupes are connected to the glasses via the swivelling HEINE i-View loupe carrier. The pupil distance and the tilt angle of the right and left eyepieces can be individually adjusted via adjustment joints. This creates a coaxial, shadow-free image. With the flip-up swivel function of the magnifier carrier, the optics can be flipped up with one hand. This allows a quick change between overview orientation and detail view. Once adjusted, the loupe setting is not changed. Sterilizable swivel handles ensure appropriate hygiene during operations.

          HEINE S-Frame goggles with splash protection lenses

          • Individually adjustable safety goggles
          • Anti-reflective plastic lenses incl. anti-reflective coating
          • Straight temple ends and flexible silicone nose bridge
          • Cold formable temples and nose pads by light pressure
          • The weight of the goggles is distributed via retaining strap and cord stopper 

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pair of HEINE HRP binocular loupes in the selected magnification
          • 1 HEINE i-View loupe carrier
          • 1 pair of HEINE S-Frame glasses
          • 2 protective glasses
          • 2 sterilizable swivel levers
          • 1 S-Frame retaining strap with cord stopper
          • 1 cleaning cloth 
          • 1 case