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          Continuous Wave 2 Mhz Probe

          For ELCAT handydop pocket doppler

          Continuous Wave 2 Mhz Probe
          Article ID: 240203
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Frequency: 8 MHz

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          Continuous Wave 2 Mhz Probe from ELCAT

          Every probe has a transmitter crystal that continually emits ultrasound. That way, Handydop can provide a signal that tells you the bloodflow speed or the characteristic sounds of the fetal heart.

          Suggested uses for the 2 megahertz probe

          The 2 megahertz probe converts your Handydop to a fetal pulse detector, with the following indications:

          • detect fetal heart action already starting from the 9th week of pregnancy as well as during the pregnancy's subsequent course
          • demonstrate fetal life when overt signs of pregnancy are lacking
          • check fetal vitality when hints of fetal death are observed during early pregancy
          Technical Data

          • transmission performance: < 15 mW / cm² (ISPTA)
          • Dimensions: 37 x 55 mm (diameter x length)
          • Sensitivity range: no entry

          Instrument is not to be used in places where danger of explosion exists.

          Instrument operates with safety low voltage, per EN60601-1 .

          Built in accordance with EN60601-1.

          Before operating the probe in combination with external devices, first check with the relevant manufacturers, especially with regard to patient safety.

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