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          Huntleigh XD Doppler transducer

          For Huntleigh Dopplex models

          XD Doppler transducer
          SKU: 119463
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: VP5 XS 5MHz

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          XD Doppler transducer from Huntleigh

          The highly sensitive Huntleigh XS Doppler transducercan be used on the DMX Mini Dopplex, MD II and Rheo Dopplex devices. You can purchase them with a specific frequency for different kinds of examinations. The new OPx transducers generation can be used for fetal monitoring. The VPx transducers can be connected to the SRV fetal doppler to check the fetus’ venous and arterial blood flow (e.g. umbilical artery).

          Product details

          • Suitable for the DMX Mini Dopplex, MD II and Rheo Dopplex devices
          • Vascular transducers of the VPx series (VP5, VP8, VP10) or OP2
          • OP2 XS 2MHz: For use in gynaecology and obstetrics, for recording fetal heart sounds
          • VP5 XS 5MHz: For measuring oedematous limbs and deep-seated vessels - ideal complement to Easy8 measurements
          • VP8 XS 8MHz: Suitable for easy detection of peripheral vessels and calcified arteries
          • VP10 XS 10MHz: For detecting the smallest vessels and for special superficial applications
          • Colour: White
          • Available in different versions

          Package contents

          • 1 Huntleigh XS doppler transducer in the selected version