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          EDAN DUS 60 ultrasound scanner

          Transportable Sonography System

          SKU: 200981.2
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Probe: Linear

          €3,558.10 inc. VAT*
          €2,990.00 ex. VAT*

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          The delivery will take place between the 02.08.2024 and 06.08.2024

          DUS 60 ultrasound scanner from EDAN

          The EDAN’s DUS 60 ultrasound machine features an optimized image quality while being very light and easy to transport, making it perfect for using it at different locations. The fully digital technology of this ultrasound system makes even the smallest details visible and perceptible. The DUS 60’s keypad is equipped with a backlight, which means the machine can be used in a dark examination room – very patient-friendly! There is also a doppler function. This device has a multi-pseudo-color function that makes it simple for health professionals to interpret results.

          Product details

          • Mobile ultrasound machine with LCD monitor and matching probes
          • Ideal for gynaecologists, general practitioners, urologists and physicians from many other medical fields
          • Image loop display: 256 images
          • Integrated measuring software
          • With illuminated keyboard
          • Includes ultrasound gel
          • Dimensions: L 33 x W 22 x H 32 cm
          • Weight: 7100 g
          • Available with different probes:
            • Linear transducer L743-2
            • Convex transducer C361-2
            • Set including linear transducer L743-2 and convex transducer C361-2

          Technical details

          • 12.1" monitor with 256 grayscales and multi-pseudo-color function
          • QWERTY keyboard layout
          • 512 MB memory
          • 2 USB ports and 2 probe slots
          • With Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) and Spectral Doppler Imaging
          • 8 segment TGC (time gain compensation)
          • Max. scan angle: 155°
          • Max. scan depth: 32.4 cm
          • Dynamic range: 30 - 150 dB
          • With output ports for video, S-video and VGA (15 pins)
          • Power supply: Power cord

          Convex transducer

          • Convex transducer C361-2
          • Applications: Abdomen, obstetrics, urology
          • Frequencies: 2.5 MHz; 3.5 MHz; 4.5 MHz

          Linear transducer

          • Linear transducer L743-2
          • Applications: Imaging of small structures
          • Frequencies: 6.5 MHz; 7.5 MHz; 8.5 MHz; H9.0 MHz; H9.4 MHz

          Package contents

          • 1 Edan DUS 60 ultrasound scanner
          • 1 linear transducer L743-2
          • 1 ultrasound gel
          • 1 power supply unit

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