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          MIR Spirobank II Smart spirometer

          Can be used on its own or with PC/tablet, with oximetry option

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Version: With oximetry option

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          Spirobank II Smart spirometer from MIR

          MIR’s versatile Spirobank II Smart is a reliable companion for spirometry examinations in the health facilities. The compact stand-alone device is compatible with tablets (iPad and Android) and PCs via Bluetooth and USB. Spirobank II Smart is perfect for mobile and stationary lung function measuring. It is also available with an additional oximetry function which includes a finger sensor. The high-resolution display can display the SpO2rate, pulse rate, and plethysmographic curve. Combined with the supplied WinspiroPRO PC software, the modern spirometer gets even more smart additional functions, like patient-specific trend charts or an entertainment mode which motivates children during paediatric examinations. The predefined sets and extensive parameters support a detailed check-up of the patient’s lung health.

          Product details

          • Professional handheld spirometer as a stand-alone device
          • Connectivity with PC and tablet (iPad and Android) via Bluetooth and USB
          • Optionally with oximetry measurement incl. finger sensor:
          • Use with FlowMIR disposable or reusable turbines.
          • With traffic light display and test analysis on the display
          • Optional PC connection with supplied WinspiroPRO PC software
          • Integrated Virtual Assistant for support during and after the examination
          • Connection to electronic health and patient records (eGA/EHR, ePA/EMR)
          • Real-time display of the spirometry curve and test results
          • Includes WinspiroPRO PC software license
          • Dimensions: L 160 x W 55 x H 25 mm
          • Weight: 140 g
          • Different versions available:
            • Without additional function, with standard accessories
            • With reusable turbine for use with cardboard and plastic mouthpieces
            • With oximetry function (retrofitting not possible) incl. soft finger sensor for adults
            • With oximetry function (retrofitting not possible) incl. soft finger sensor for adults and reusable turbine

          Technical details

          • Internal memory: 10,000 spirometry tests
          • Display: 160 x 80 pixel
          • Input: Membrane keyboard (6 keys)
          • Connectivity: Micro-USB (USB 2.0, PC), Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 (App)
          • Integration: GDT interface, HL7 standard interface (eGA/EHR, ePA/EMR)
          • Power supply: Rechargeable battery
          • Battery type: Lithium-ion
          • Battery capacity: 1,100 mAh


          • Flow sensor: Bidirectional digital turbine
          • Temperature sensor: Semiconductor (0 - 45 °C)
          • Maximum volume: 10 L
          • Flow rate range: ± 16 l/s
          • Volume accuracy: ± 2.5% or 50 ml
          • Flow accuracy: ± 5% or 200 ml/s
          • Dynamic resistance:
          • Real-time test: FVC-Pre, FVC-Post, VC-Pre, MVV, Bronchodilator comparison, extrapolated volume, lung age
          • Parameters: FVC, FEV, DTPEF, PEF, FEF, FET, Vext, ELA, EVOL, FIVC, FIV, PIF, FIF, IRV, VC, IVC, IC, ERV, TV, VE, RR, MVV
          • Internal memory: around 10,000 tests


          • Measuring method: Absorption of red and infrared light
          • SpO₂ range: 0-99 %
          • SpO₂ accuracy: ± 2 % (70-99 %)
          • Pulse range: 30-300 bpm
          • Pulse accuracy: ± 2 bpm or 2 %
          • Real-time test: Spot (SpO₂, bpm)
          • Parameters: SpO₂% (min/max, average), bpm (min/max, average), test duration, % duration of bradycardia (< 40 bpm), % duration of tachycardia (> 120 bpm), time with SpO₂ ≤ 90 % (T90 %, T89 %)
          • Internal memory: ≈ 300 hrs.

          Intelligent additional functions of the WinspiroPRO software

          The extended range of functions of WinspiroPRO will deliver even more detailed examinations and ensure a reliable examination and patient data transfer to the practice clinic’s system. It is suitable for general examinations in the practice and clinic, but also for extensive telemedicine.

          • Windows-based solution for spirometry, oximetry and telemedicine in real time
          • Wide range of main measurement values, prediction sets and predicted values
          • Paediatric display program (entertainment mode) to improve examination conditions
          • Easy practice integration (eGA/EHR; ePA/EMR) with automatic data transfer via HL7 standard interface
          • Acceptance measurements, test evaluation and quality control according to the latest standards
          • Direct access to patient data from server and internal database via integrated ED connectivity
          • Cross-network function for sharing a database between different workstations
          • Standardized communication via HL7 standard and exchange protocol
          • General and user definable printout
          • Includes patient-specific trend charts, database search engine and graphical display of measured values
          • System requirements: ≥ WinXP; ≥ 500 MHz processor, ≥ 256 MB RAM, ≥ 1024 x 768 display resolution, ≥ 500 MB storage space, USB 2.0 port, administrator rights
          • Operating languages: DE, EN, FR, ES, IT, NL, TR, PL, CZ, RU, LV, ROU, JP, CN

          Intuitive MIR Spiro App

          MIR’s compatible Spiro app for iOS and Android can help and advise you during the examination. The integrated Virtual Assistant helps prevent the most common errors during a spirometry examination. The spirometer can also be calibrated through the ap. Get consistent quality during your examinations!

          • Integrated Virtual Assistant for support during and after the examination
          • Wireless Bluetooth connection for data exchange and DirectPrint function
          • Connection with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR), backup of internal memory
          • Data transfer according to HL7
          • Connection via Bluetooth 4.0

          Package contents

          • 1 MIR Spirobank II SMART spirometer with oximetry function
          • 1 finger sensor with cable
          • 1 nose clip
          • 1 USB charging cable (1.8m)
          • 1 carrying case
          • 1 WinspiroPRO PC software licence

          You may need an Internet connection to use the PC software.

          The shown MIR FlowMIR disposable turbine is not included in the package contents

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