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          schülke esemtan dry skin balm


          esemtan dry skin balm
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          esemtan dry skin balm from schülke

          The esemtan dry skin balm from Schülke & Mayr is an intensive water-in-oil-based care balm that protects demanding and dry skin from drying out. The body cream gently cares for your skin and provides rich moisture.

          esemtan dry skin balm - At a glance

          • Body care balm
          • Spreads easily
          • Contains no colorants
          • With Shea Butter & Vitamin E
          • Pleasant, subtle fragrance
          • For demanding and dry skin/li>
          • In the large 500 ml bottle

          esemtan dry skin balm - The details

          Schülke esemtan skin care is particularly suitable for very dry skin. Due to the processed care substances, the skin is optimally supplied with moisture. Pamper your body while applying this skin care. Continuous application of the right skin care product maintains the health of your skin. The esemtan skin care products restore moisture to the skin, even if the skin structure is very stressed. Due to the natural ingredients, esemtan dry skin balm is gentler to the skin than other body care balms.

          The product in the 500 ml bottle is very economical, provides intensive care and spreads well on the skin.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 bottle of esemtan body care balm à 500 ml