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          schülke Esemtan skin lotion

          for skin and body care for normal skin

          Esemtan skin lotion
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          Esemtan skin lotion from schülke

          Schülke esemtan skin lotion is a nourishing and moisturizing body lotion that is easy to apply for skin care. At the same time, the basic care offers protection and regeneration, even for sensitive skin.

          esemtan skin lotion - At a glance

          • Oil-in-water based hand and skin balm
          • Moisturizes and soothes itching
          • Regulates the skin's oil and moisture requirements
          • Absorbs quickly into the skin
          • Suitable for hand and body care
          • Pleasant fragrance
          • Without dyes
          • Easy to apply
          • With jojoba oil and beeswax

          esemtan skin lotion - Moisturizing body lotion with jojoba oil

          The esemtan body lotion is based on an oil-in-water emulsion and is tailored to the skin's oil and moisture needs. The ingredient jojoba oil promotes skin health and clarity without leaving an unpleasant, greasy feeling. The nourishing texture allows for easy application with a fresh, pleasant scent.

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