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          HARTMANN BODE X-Wipes dispenser bucket

          X-Wipes wipe dispenser system for surface disinfection

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Colour: Blue

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          BODE X-Wipes dispenser bucket from HARTMANN

          The BODE X-Wipes dispenser bucket is part of the refillable BODE X-Wipes dispenser system. The system is suitable for quick, easy and hygienic surface and instrument cleaning and consists of the practical non-woven wipe dispenser and non-woven wipes (available separately), which can be combined with all liquid HARTMANN surface disinfectants and selected products from the instrument range. For reprocessing, the dry fleece rolls are simply placed in the dispenser bucket and soaked with the desired HARTMANN disinfectant. The disinfectant wipes can be used fresh for up to four weeks.  The X-Wipes dispenser bucket is equipped with smooth surfaces and a three-part lid for easy and hygienic cleaning.

          Product details

          • Wipes dispenser system for filling
          • Empty dispenser bucket with 3-part lid system
          • For the production of disinfectant wipes for surface disinfection
          • Universally applicable due to individually selectable disinfectants
          • Tested with all liquid HARTMANN surface disinfectants and selected products for instrument reprocessing
          • Hygienic single wipe removal thanks to the removal insert in the lid
          • Easy-grip lid for convenient opening and closing 
          • External thread and smooth inner surfaces for hygienic cleaning and prevention of biofilm formation

          Surface disinfection with system - demand-oriented and economical

          The BODE X-Wipes system consists of a refillable dispenser bucket in combination with dry fleece rolls and can be filled in two ways:

          • Nonwoven roll (without foil bag): The dry wipe roll is inserted into the dispenser bucket and filled with application solution directly in the bucket. If the non-woven wipes are used up or the service life has expired, hygienic reprocessing (manually and/or mechanically) of all reusable parts of the X-Wipes dispensing system is recommended.
          • Non-woven roll in foil pouch: The non-woven roll is inserted into the dispenser bucket together with the liquid-tight pouch and the application solution is filled directly into the foil pouch. When using the fleece roll in the foil pouch, no routine cleaning of the complete system is required, as the foil pouch with all lid parts is intended for single use. The dispenser bucket does not come into contact with the surface disinfectant used and is therefore ideal for perfect hygiene in high-risk areas. This eliminates the need for routine reprocessing of the wipe dispenser when refilling. 

          Preparation & use of the BODE X-Wipes dispenser system

          BODE X-Wipes wipes are compatible with almost all HARTMANN surface disinfectants and ensure optimal surface wetting due to their composition. For surface disinfection the roll is soaked with 2.5 liters of HARTMANN surface disinfectant. For use in the instrument cleaningarea , the manufacturer recommends the use of Bodedex forte, Bomix plus or Korsolex extra. 

          Areas of application

          • Work surfaces, contact surfaces in patient rooms and emergency vehicles as well as surfaces of medical inventory (according to MPG)
          • In hospitals, doctors' surgeries, nursing, emergency services, medical supply stores, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and food processing plants
          • Especially the fleece roll in the foil pouch is suitable for use in high-risk areas, including intensive therapy, oncology and neonatology

          Service life

          When the X-Wipes system is used properly, the contents are protected from contamination and evaporation by the 3-part lid system. Therefore, the working solution has a shelf life of up to 28 days. (Exception: Bodedex forte and Korsolex basic: 7 days shelf life)

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 HARTMANN BODE X-Wipes dispenser bucket in the selected color

          The HARTMANN BODE X-Wipes fleece roll shown is not included in the scope of delivery.