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          schülke wipes safe & easy

          For quick cleaning or disinfection

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          wipes safe & easy from schülke

          The Schülke wipes safe & easy wet wipe dispensing system is a "bag-in-box system" and, in combination with surface disinfectants, can quickly and safely protect against contamination. Simply place the wipes with the bag in the box and soak with a selected disinfectant.

          wipes safe & easy dispenser box - At a glance

          • Innovative dispenser system for wet wipes
          • Hygienic "bag-in-box" system
          • Reusable empty dispenser box(without screw cap)
          • Refill bag with 111 dry wipes and a screw cap
          • For quick cleaning or disinfection (depending on the choice of products used)
          • Safe - the wipes are safely protected in the bag and have no contact with the box
          • Easy - simply open the bag, fill it with detergent and place it in the box
          • Lifetime up to 28 days
          • Size of one cloth: 30 x 24 cm
          • Lint-free cloth surface
          • Available in different versions

          wipes safe & easy dispenser box - the details

          The innovative Schülke wipes safe & easy bag-in-box system is suitable for cleaning or disinfecting non-invasive medical devices and surfaces of all kinds, depending on the selection of products filled in.
          The disposable wipe dispenser system is particularly easy to use. It is also safe and hygienic, thanks to the single use of the replaceable bags. The lint-free wipes are simply soaked with a selected liquid disinfectant or cleaning agent. The bag is placed in the box. A new screw cap is supplied with each refill pouch to prevent contamination of the contents.
          Through the small opening of the box, the wipes can be removed individually and are quickly ready for use.

          After use, the empty bag can be disposed of, saving waste. The empty dispenser box is refilled with a fresh bag and a fresh screw cap and reused.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Schülke wipe safe & easy dispenser box (without wipes and without screw cap)
            6 Schülke wipe safe & easy refill bags with 111 wipes and 6 screw caps each