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          B. Braun Wipe ECO non-woven tissues

          Refillable dispenser system for surface disinfection - Fleece roll ECO with 120 wipes

          Wipe ECO non-woven tissues
          SKU: 118287
          Package: 120 piece(s)

          Selection: Fleece roll ECO with 120 wipes

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          Wipe ECO non-woven tissues from B. Braun

          The B. Braun Wipes are lint-free, non-woven wipes for disinfecting surfaces. The dry wipe roll fits into the corresponding container of the B. Braun Wipes dispenser system. The non-woven wipes are soaked by the user with a disinfectant solution and can then be used for 4 weeks. When the non-woven wipes have been used up or the expiry date of the solution has been reached, the dispenser system can be filled with new wipes and disinfectant.

          Product details

          • Refillable wipes dispenser system for surface disinfection
          • Reusable containers for filling with wipe roll
          • In mini version for small requirements or in bucket format for large surfaces
          • Wipe roll is delivered dry – for soaking with individual disinfectant solution
          • Absorbent and lint-free fleece wipes, tearable individually
          • Tested for use with B. Braun products: Hexaquart pure, - XL, - plus lemon fresh; Melsept SF; Meliseptol, - rapid, - Foam pure
          • Economical consumption of wipes and application solution
          • Service life: max. 28 days
          • Available in different versions

          Economical and environmentally conscious

          The refillable dispenser system for disinfectant wipes is an economical way to implement a professional hygiene concept according to individual needs. The dry wipe rolls are made of PET synthetic fibre and fit into B. Braun’s Wipes system containers.

          The Wipes system is filled on site with fresh disinfectant solution and can be used with cleaning agents tested by the manufacturer. This way, there are always enough cleaning wipes available for 4 quick surface disinfection for 4 weeks – to protect against infections in all medical facilities. The non-woven wipes are easy to tear off individually from the roll and release the absorbed disinfecting agent reliably onto the surface to be cleaned. After each removal, the container can be tightly closed again, so that the disinfectant remains fresh.

          After expiry of the shelf life or when the wipes are used up, the Wipes system can be refilled: The refill box and the dispenser bucket can be used several times and be refilled with the matching refill fleece roll – this saves money and packaging waste.

          One dispenser system in two sizes

          Wipes mini

          • Dispenser bucket mini accepts fleece roll mini ECO
          • Roll with 60 wipes
          • Quality of wipes: 50 g/m²
          • Wipes dimensions: 15 x 20 cm
          • Quantity of disinfectant solution: approx. 500 ml


          • Dispenser bucket accepts fleece roll ECO and fleece roll Premium
          • Roll with 120 (ECO) / 100 (Premium) wipes
          • Quality of wipes: 50 g/m² (ECO); 65 g/m² (Premium)
          • Wipes dimensions: 19 x 36 cm
          • Quantity of disinfectant solution: approx. 2,500 ml

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of B. Braun Wipes in the selected version

          The disinfectant solution is not included in the package contents.