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          Ansell MICRO-TOUCH NITRA-TEX E.P. examination glove

          With extended cuff for strong barrier protection | Powder free - S

          SKU: 102067.6
          Package: 100 piece(s)

          Size: S

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          MICRO-TOUCH NITRA-TEX E.P. examination glove from Ansell

          The MICRO-TOUCH NITRA-TEX E.P. examination gloves from Ansell have been specially developed for work requiring strong barrier protection. They are made of soft synthetic material and offer optimal resistance to a wide range of commonly used chemicals, and they are also tested for use with cytostatic agents. Besides that, the extra-long cuff provides additional wrist protection. The chlorinated inside of the MICRO-TOUCH NITRA-TEX E.P. examination gloves makes it easy to put them on and take them off. Furthermore, they protect against type I latex allergy.

          Item details

          • Extra-long disposable examination glove with strong barrier protection
          • Optimal protection against a wide range of chemicals
          • Fully microtextured surface
          • Regulations / Quality standards:
            • EN 455 1 - 4, EN 374-1, EN 374-2/ -4, EN 374-5; EN 16523-1; EN 420:2003 + A1:2009, EN 421:2010
            • ISO 10993-10:2002, ISO 13485:2016
            • Class I medical device according to Regulation (EU) 2017/745
            • Class III personal protective equipment according to Regulation (EU) 2016/425
          • Colour: Blue
          • Material: Nitrile rubber, Vulcanising accelerator: ZDEC (zinc diethyldithiocarbamate), ZDBC (zinc dibutyldithiocarbamate)
          • Glove inside: Chlorinated
          • Tested for handling cytostatic drugs*
          • Tested for use with chemotherapeutic agents according to ASTM D6978 and US FDA
          • Length: 29.5 cm
          • Powder free
          • Latex free
          • Non-sterile
          • Available in different sizes

          * For more information on specific permeation times of cytostatic drugs and recommendations, see product packaging or contact the Ansell Customer Service

          Manufacturer’s warning: No glove provides complete protection against all chemicals. Users must test the suitability of these items for a specific purpose or area of use, or for a specific chemical.

          Physical properties

          • Tightness value: AQL 1.5
          • Wall thickness (palm): 0.10 mm
          • Wall thickness (fingers): 0.12 mm

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of MICRO-TOUCH NITRA-TEX E.P. examination gloves containing 100 pieces in the selected size

          Further information

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