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          Meditrade Superform Incontinence Pad

          Anatomically shaped insole with superabsorber

          Superform Incontinence Pad
          SKU: 102680.0
          Package: 30 piece(s)

          Size: Classic

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          Superform Incontinence Pad from Meditrade

          Meditrade Superform incontinence pad is a high-quality and comfortable solution for people with incontinence. It is made of a soft, breathable material that adapts to the shape of the body and provides a comfortable feeling. High absorbency and excellent odor control are achieved by a core made of double pillow superabsorbent. The anatomical fit with elastic leakage barriers provide good protection. The wetness indicator shows the optimal time to change by running color. The Superform incontinence pad is available in different sizes and is securely fixed with the washable Meditrade fixation pants Panty or Light.

          Product details

          • Anatomically shaped incontinence pads with high absorption capacity
          • pH skin neutral double pad technology with super absorber
          • High liquid absorption with constant absorption speed
          • Hydrophobic side cuffs as leakage barrier
          • Wetness indicator to show when to change the pad
          • Matching accessories for the Meditrade fixation pants Panty and Light
          • Application: For any degree of incontinence in bedridden and mobile persons
          • Medical device class I according to regulation (EU) 2017/745
          • Material: super absorbent polymers (SAP), cellulose, polyethylene, PE film
          • Dimensions and absorbency:
            • Classic (30 pieces): approx. L 63 x W 30 cm; approx. 1200 ml
            • Plus (30 pieces): approx. L 63 x W 30 cm; approx. 1350 ml
            • Extra (30 pieces): approx. L 70 x W 37 cm; approx. 1450 ml
            • Super (20 pieces): approx. L 70 x W 37 cm; approx. 1850 ml
            • Maxi (20 pieces): approx. L 70 x W 37 cm; approx. 2450 ml
          • Available in different sizes

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pack of Meditrade Superform incontinence pads in the selected size