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          MELAG Mixed-Resin Cartridge for Meladem 40

          Water treatement cartridge

          Mixed-Resin Cartridge for Meladem 40
          SKU: 292919
          Package: 2 piece(s)

          Selection: mixed-bed resin cartridege for Meladem 40

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          Mixed-Resin Cartridge for Meladem 40 from MELAG

          Ion exchange resin cartridge for demineralizing water with the Melag MELAdem 40.

          Melag autoclaves require this kind of water for the sterilization process.

          Sterilization quality assured

          The compact water treatment system MELAdem 40 delivers high-quality demineralized water which the autoclaves need to produce steam. Attached directly to Vacuklav and Euroklav, it automatically feeds them "aqua dem" to use in sterilizations.

          Fresh aqua dem is best used for spot-less instruments and to extend the autoclave's useful life. MELAdem 40 also makes sense even for traditional autoclaves using the water-circulation system, because their built-in water storage tanks can be directly filled with aqua dem using the optional MELajet spray gun.

          Naturally, MELAdem 40 can be deployed wherever good water quality is indispensable; for example, where x-ray films must be developed and cast materials must be mixed, as well as for use in steam injectors or laboratory work.