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          cantech Indicator adhesive tape

          Sterilisation tape 144C with steam indicator - 18 mm

          SKU: 125301
          Package: 55 m

          Width: 18 mm

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          Indicator adhesive tape from cantech

          The cantech Process Indicator adhesive tape 144c indicates the successful sterilisation process of medical devices and instruments by colour change. The tape is made of saturated crepe paper with solvent-free adhesive and is used to seal disposable packaging before autoclaving. The green indication dye is lead-free and indicates that sterilisation has taken place by changing its colour to black. The sterilisation adhesive tape is easy to peel off from the packages and is suitable for both gravity sterilisers and pre-vacuum sterilisers at up to 135 °C.

          Product details

          • Steam sterilisation tape with green indicator dye (colour 144C)
          • For glueing disposable packaging
          • Visual control of the correct sterilisation process
          • Easy differentiation between processed and unprocessed goods
          • Easy to tear off of the roll
          • Easy to remove after use
          • Application:
            • Gravity process or pre-vacuum process at 121 °C (+3 °C) for 30 minutes
            • Pre-vacuum sterilisers at 132 °C (+3 °C) for 4 minutes and 135 °C (+3 °C) for 3 minutes
          • To ensure good contact, the tape should be stuck to the packaging with pressure
          • Class 1 indicator complies with ISO 11140-1:2014
          • Approved as a medical device according to FDA 510(k)
          • Latex free
          • Solvent free
          • Colour: Natural with printed green indicator lines
          • Material: Saturated crepe paper, synthetic adhesive, indicator ink (lead free)
          • Length: 55 m
          • Width: 18 mm or 24 mm
          • Storage: At room temperature (15-30 °C; humidity < 50 %)
          • Long shelf life of 36 months
          • Follow the instructions regarding recommended sterilisation cycle provided by the manufacturer of sterilisation devices
          • Available in different widths

          Package contents

          • 1 roll of cantech indicator adhesive tape, 55 m long, in the selected width

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