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          Emag Emmi 12HC ultrasonic cleaner

          Instrument cleaner

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          Emmi 12HC ultrasonic cleaner from Emag

          Emag ultrasonic cleaners are known for their high quality and maximum performance. The Emag Emmi 12HC ultrasonic cleaner cleans medical instruments, as well as jewelry, prostheses and much more with the help of ultrasonic waves. These penetrate even into the smallest cracks and corners and ensure optimal cleaning performance.

          Product details

          • Universal device with stainless steel oscillating tank
          • Timer 1 - 60 min.
          • Suitable for continuous operation
          • individually adjustable ultrasonic power
          • With adjustable heating
          • Inner dimensions of tank: 200 x 100 x 70 mm
          • Outer tub dimension: 225 x 125 x 170 mm
          • Weight: 4,3 kg
          • Tub volume: 1.2 liters
          • Working volume: 0,9 liters
          • Note: The device is delivered with a German power plug unit

          Cleaning with ultrasound

          Ultrasonic cleaning is a unique method. It is not only easy to perform and protects the environment, it also achieves optimal results. With an ultrasonic cleaner, even geometrically difficult objects can be cleaned. The object to be cleaned is immersed in a cleaning agent. The vibrations that the generator in the ultrasonic cleaner triggers are transmitted by the liquid. The sound waves break through the "structure" of the liquid and an interplay between tensile and suction forces is created. Surface contaminants are removed by this interplay. The intensity of the cleaning depends on the cleaning agent, the ultrasonic power and the frequency of cleaning. The Emag Emmi 12HC ultrasonic cleaner is particularly efficient and thorough.

          Technical details

          • Ultrasonic power: max. 80 W
          • Power control: 1 - 9 min.
          • Heating control: 20 - 80 degrees Celsius

          Delivery contents

          • 1 Emag Emmi 12HC ultrasonic cleaning unit
          • 1 stainless steel lid
          • 1 stainless steel basket insert