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          B. Braun Solofix Safety Blood-Lancettes

          Single-use lancets - particularly safe and precise

          SKU: 158860
          Package: 200 piece(s)

          Selection: 21 G, 1.8 mm depth (universal), red

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          Solofix Safety Blood-Lancettes from B. Braun

          B. Braun Solofix Safety blood lancets make blood collection safe and correct thanks to color coding. These are single-use lancets for capillary blood collection, avoiding needlestick injuries in the process.

          Product details

          • B. Braun Solofix Safety safety blood lancet
          • Clean blood collection without needlestick injuries
          • Safety lancets with irreversible needle retraction
          • Applicability: single use
          • Precise 3-fold facet cut
          • Robust plastic housing
          • Gamma-sterilized, siliconized, stainless steel
          • Color coding: blue (blood glucose measurement), yellow (neonatal heel puncture, neonatal screening, finger puncture of keratinized skin), red (general blood diagnostics)
          • According to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003
          • Medical device according to MDD 93/42/EEC, class II a
          • Fulfill TRBA 250
          • Material housing: Polypropylene; Polystyrene
          • Material nib: Zinc-coated carbon steel wire
          • Material lancet: siliconized stainless steel
          • Dimensions: L 59 × W 14 × H 11.5 mm
          • Available in different versions

          B. Braun Solofix Safety: The safest way to use lancets

          B. Braun Solofix Safety blood lancets have been developed for many different forms of blood collection. They can be used systematically because the lancet has a different color for each form of puncture. A faster, smoother clinical workflow is promoted by this system, as one can find the appropriate blood lancet with one grip. B. Braun Solofix Safety blood lancets are safety lancets because they have a shatterproof polypropylene (PP) housing that protects against accidental needlestick injuries and cuts.

          Small color guide to B. Braun Solofix Safety safety blood lancets

          In order to have the right blood lancet at hand right away, B. Braun Solofix cases have been developed in three different colors:

          • Blood lancet Blue
            The lancet with blue housing is particularly fine. It has a needle with a triple facet cut of 25G to be as gentle as possible on the skin to be punctured. The puncture depth of the single-use lancet in blue is 1.5 mm. A small amount of blood can be drawn through it. This makes this lancet particularly suitable for BZM.
          • Blood lancet red
            The red blood lancet is a universal lancet. The needle strength is 21G, the needle itself is 3-fold ground. The puncture depth of this safety lancet reaches up to 1.8 mm. Since a medium blood flow is generated with the puncture, this standard lancet is suitable for general blood diagnostics.
          • Blood lancet Yellow
            Yellow safety blood lancets were created especially for neonatal area. They have a blade with a width of 0.8 mm and thus achieve a puncture depth of 2 mm. As a result, the blood flow generated by the lancet is high. This makes this neonatal lancet particularly suitable for heel puncture of newborns and neonatal screening, but also generally for finger puncture in the case of keratinized skin.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 package B. Braun Solofix Safety blood lancets à 200 pieces in the selected version
          Properties: sterile

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