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          B. Braun Mini-Spike

          For hygienic multiple sampling

          SKU: 153052
          Package: 50 piece(s)

          Selection: Micro tip, green

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          Mini-Spike from B. Braun

          The B.Braun Mini Spike is a withdrawal spike that enables easy and safe withdrawal and addition of medications. The practical injection and withdrawal cannula pierces the stoppers of multi-dose containers and ensures a liquid- and bacteria-tight connection. Thanks to the 0.45 µm ventilation filter, medications are protected from room air contamination during preparation, thus reducing the risk of contamination. At the same time, the mini-spike serves as a practical closure for storage bottles that are available in practices and clinics with a withdrawal or injection option. The mini spike with micro tip is suitable forcost-saving residual emptying from particularly small medication vials.

          Product details

          • Injection and withdrawal spike with standard or micro tip
          • With bacteria-proof venting filter 0.45 µm
          • Green, tightly closing snap-on lid
          • Protected Luer-Lock connection
          • Easy withdrawal and addition of drug due to optimal pressure compensation
          • Reduced risk of contamination during withdrawal and preparation
          • Easy working and improved hygiene
          • No manual pressure equalization necessary
          • Enables rapid drawing up of several syringes in succession
          • Easy dosing
          • Ideal for drug preparation
          • Available with either standard tip or micro tip
            • Standard tip: Allows easy and fast drawing up of medications
            • Micro tip: Optimal drawing up of medications from particularly small bottles as well as ideal residual emptying of small bottles
          • PVC and latex free
          • Individually sterile packed

          Easy to use with improved hygiene

          The B. Braun Mini-Spike not only makes work easy, but also improves hygiene when drawing up multiple dose containers. Thanks to the snap-on lid and the Luer-Lock connection, medicines are tightly sealed and protected. At the same time, users as well as patients are protected: When withdrawing drugs, the green snap-on lid reduces the risk of needlestick injuries. The mini-spike also enables easy dispensing and air-bubble-free drawing up of several syringes in succession.

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of 50 B. Braun Mini-Spikes in the selected version
          Properties: sterile

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.

          Further information

          Broschüre Mini-Spike

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