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          Fresenius Vasodrop Safety

          For atraumatic venipuncture

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: 24G, PUR, 19 mm, gelb

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          Vasodrop Safety from Fresenius

          Vasodrop Safety indwelling vein needles are suitable for atraumatic venipuncture. The integrated safety mechanism minimizes injuries caused by needle sticks. With the help of the transparent reflux chamber, you can see directly whether blood is flowing and the vein has been punctured safely. In addition, the cannula has X-ray contrast strips. These make the cannula visible on X-ray images.

          Vasodrop Safety - At a glance

          • Safety indwelling vein cannula for atraumatic venipuncture
          • Cannula length: 19 mm
          • Diameter: 0.74 mm
          • Gauge (size of the cannula): 24
          • Flow rate: 29 ml/min
          • Latex-free, PVC-free and DEHP-free
          • With transparent reflux chamber and air filter
          • With Luer lock connector with sealing flap

          Vasodrop Safety - The details

          The Vasodrop Safety cannula was developed to prevent needlestick injuries in particular and to reduce trauma. The increased safety is provided by

          • Catheter: It is resistant, flexible and kink-resistant. It is also visible on X-ray images due to the three embedded X-ray contrast strips.
          • Safety mechanism: The mechanism avoids the risk of needlestick injuries. There are no exposed metal parts to prevent injury. When the cannula is withdrawn, the mechanism is passively activated and the tip of the cannula is completely covered.
          • Air filter: The filter provides backflow and creates an effective barrier against blood contact.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Vasodrop Safety
          Properties: sterile
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