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          Haeberle Medi-Müll disposal boxes

          Cannula discharge container with stripping aids

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          Package: 1 piece(s)
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          Medi-Müll disposal boxes from Haeberle

          These Medi-Müll disposal boxes are perfect for disposing pointy and sharp objects, such as syringes and cannulas. Every medical facility collects these utensils in these kinds of resistant plastic containers in order to prevent possible injuries. When the cannula disposal box is full, you can permanently close the lid and send the disposal box to a disposal company. Different sizes offer enough space to properly dispose various medical products. Thanks to the yellow colour of the collection containers, they are also immediately recognised as hazardous items.

          Product details

          • Approved containers for safe disposal of contaminated items
          • Effective cut and puncture prevention
          • High safety due to 1.2 mm thick wall
          • Puncture and break resistant
          • With easy-to-open lid
          • Lid can be permanently closed
          • Universal pull-off/twist-off devices for all common cannulas and insulin syringes types
          • Clearly identifiable as hazard waste container
          • Maximum filling quantity stated on the label
          • Also for disposal of insulin syringes for diabetics
          • Colour (box): Yellow
          • Colour (lid): Green
          • Material: Polypropylene
          • Cadmium-free
          • Available in different sizes:
          • Measures 0.5 litres:
            • Height (box): 162 mm
            • Diameter (lid): 89 mm
            • Diameter (base): 57 mm
          • Dimensions 1.5 litres:
            • Height (box): 125 mm
            • Diameter (lid): W 179 x D 176 mm
            • Diameter (base): 112 mm
          • Dimensions 2.5 litres:
            • Height (box): 197 mm
            • Diameter (lid): W 179 x D 176 mm
            • Diameter (base): 112 mm

          Package contents

          • 1 Medi-Müll disposable box in the desired size