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          MedCaptain NAVI-60 VeinNavi infrared vein finder

          Portable vein finder for contactless application through NIR

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          NAVI-60 VeinNavi infrared vein finder from MedCaptain

          The vein illuminator by MedCaptain visualizes the course of superficial veins in real time with infrared light. A colored projection on the skin surface precisely portrays the network of arteries and provides additional information about the depth of the vein. The VeinNavi NAVI-60 is applicable in various medical fields as an aid for venipuncture. Whether in pediatrics, vascular surgery, or oncology, the device makes it easy to localize a suitable spot for blood sampling or injections.

          Product details

          • Infrared vein finder for vein localization
          • Colored vein visualization in real time
          • Five projection colors and inverse color mode for every color
          • With depth detection of veins
          • Different selectable brightness levels and projection window sizes
          • Applicable for mobile use due to low weight
          • Contact-free and non-invasive
          • With display for battery capacity, mode, color, and projection size
          • Battery operation also possible while charging (with cable connection)
          • Incl. charging cable and power supply unit
          • Safety standards: IEC 60601-1:2012 Medical electrical equipment part 1; IEC 60601-1-2:2014 Medical electrical equipment part 1-2
          • Measurements: L 224 x W 68 x H 64 mm
          • Weight: approx. 500 g

          Precise images for more safety

          The portable vein finder NAVI-60 ensures a contactless and gentle operation thanks to NIR technology (near-infrared light). The device supports medical staff in localizing veins in addition to visual localisation and palpation.
          VeinNavi can be applied by students and apprentices as well as in difficult medical situations for visualizing the course of a vein. The vein finder offers patients and doctors security by allowing fast and safe results particularly in cases of barely palpable, small veins, such as underneath the “baby fat” of an infant, or in cases of restricted access to a vein due to medication and infusions.

          With the high-resolution vein illumination on the skin, the course of the network of veins can be identified in real time by holding the vein finder above the detection area in any position. The device’s total four brightness levels and different color views make it suitable for almost every skin type. In inverse color mode, the vein color and skin color are inverted in the projection image.

          The high-resolution depiction makes blocked or bleeding veins as well as constrictions and curves visible. Optical distortions are weakened by the NAVI-60’ technology to allow for a more precise visualization of the vein pattern. In depth mode, the position of the vein is portrayed on the skin surface with the help of green bars. One green bar equals a depth of approx. 0 to 2 mm, two bars a depth of 2 to 4 mm. This enables the vein illuminator to offer perfect support for venipuncture.

          Technical details

          • 5 colors and inverse color mode for every color (white, green, red, blue, light purple)
          • 4 brightness levels
          • Depth mode area: vein depth: 0 - 2 mm / 2 - 4 mm / ≥ 4 mm
          • Image size: 360*192 pixels / 360*288 pixels / 720*576 pixels
          • Type of light source: near-infrared light (NIR), 10 - 25 lumen
          • Wavelength: 850 nm with dual light source
          • Optimal focus position: 210 ± 30 mm
          • Imaging depth of focus: > 30 mm
          • Power supply: lithium ion battery, charging cable with power supply unit
          • Operating time: > 2.5 hours
          • Charging time: 4 hours

          Package contents

          • 1 MedCaptain NAVI-60 VeinNavi infrared vein finder
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 charging cable

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