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          HARTMANN Hartmann Pagasling

          Absorbent swabs from gauze

          SKU: 175502
          Package: 1000 piece(s)

          Size: 1 (hazelnut size)

          €30.88 inc. VAT*
          (€0.03 / 1 piece(s))
          €25.95 ex. VAT*
          (€0.03 / 1 piece(s))

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          Item in stock

          Usable until: 01.08.2028
          The delivery will take place between the 19.04.2024 and 23.04.2024

          Hartmann Pagasling from HARTMANN

          • from absorbent gauze
          • DIN 61630-VM 20 ph. Eur.
          • 20-compliant
          • choice of sterile or unsterile

          Please notice that the size of the packing unit has changed!

          Properties: non sterile
          Service options: Medical supplies