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          Selection: BOA XL (25-69 cm)

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          BOA Constricting Band from North American Rescue

          The BOA Constricting Band from North American Rescue is the latest innovation in vein tourniquets.
          Unlike conventional vein tourniquets, the BOA band is applied to the upper arm and then rolled toward the elbow. This immediately forces the blood into the peripheral veins, leaving them clearly visible. It has never been more effective to create peripheral venous access even under extreme conditions.

          Product details

          • Effective and innovative vein tourniquet
          • Rapid visibility of veins even under difficult conditions
          • The rolling effect creates an effective transfusion of venous blood to the distal end of the vein
          • No interference with arterial blood flow
          • Convenient click closure and 2 finger quick release
          • Latex free
          • For hygienic single use, not reusable
          • Vacuum packed in sealed bag
          • Available in two different sizes: BOA - 19 cm, expandable up to 45 cm and BOA XL - 25 cm, expandable up to 69 cm

          Innovative vein tourniquet for difficult operating conditions

          The BOA Constricting Band is the new tool of choice for vein access under difficult conditions. The extremely effective BOA Constructing Band technology saves you valuable time and nerves during blood sampling and venous treatments under difficult conditions. The system works so effectively that it is often even used successfully on patients with circulatory arrest. The BOA Constricting Band is therefore an absolute must, especially in emergency situations.

          The BOA band is applied to the patient's upper arm with the help of the practical click closure and then rolled down evenly with a little force. This process forces blood into the peripheral veins. The forearms fill with blood and the veins become instantly visible - without a long wait or tedious pumping.
          Once you have placed the access or finished the treatment, the BOA Constricting Band can be removed quickly and with one hand using the 2 Finger Quick Release System.
          This way, the vein access is placed in just a few steps and you can concentrate on the essentials again in dicey situations.
          The disposable product guarantees hygienic use and can be easily disposed of after use.

          Buy the BOA Constricting Band online at DocCheck Shop

          In the DocCheck Shop, you can order the innovative BOA Constricting Band vein tourniquet directly online and are thus ideally equipped to quickly and reliably secure venous access under difficult conditions.
          The practical tourniquet is vacuum-packed in an easy-to-open package and is available in two different sizes: In the standard size as BOA (19 - 45 cm) and as BOA XL (25 - 69 cm).

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 North American Rescue BOA Constricting Band in the selected size

          Please note that this is a one-time item - opened goods are therefore excluded from exchange.

          Properties: sterile

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.