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          AKRA DERMOJET Dermojet


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          Dermojet from AKRA DERMOJET

          The Dermojet HR pressure injector enables subcutaneous injections without needles by means of overpressure. The pressure injector makes painless application possible and is therefore ideal for patients with needle phobia. The Dermojet HR includes 40 dosing units and is preset to 0.1 ml per dose.

          Product details

          • Modern pressure injector for medical use
          • Needle-free, subcutaneous injection
          • Painless application - ideal for patients with needle phobia
          • Easy handling
          • 4 ml cylinder for 40 quaddles with 0.1 ml per dose
          • Sterilizable at 134 °C

          Needle-free injection with the Dermojet HR pressure injector

          The Dermojet consists of four parts: Syringe body, injection head, barrel and spacer cap. The syringe body is made entirely of stainless steel, with central plunger, tension spring and tension lever. The cylinder has a capacity of 4 ml. The device is used to perform a subcutaneous injection with a dose of 0.1 ml - so it is suitable for local anesthesia, corticosteroid injection, wart treatments and medical treatments of hypertrophic and keloid scars. 

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          • 1 AKRA DERMOJET Dermojet HR Pressure Injector

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